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Red Team
2007.12.05, 07:15 AM
Hello guys, what should I choose between those two ?
I want to buy any of them for my son, he's 10 and he's driving a Scuderia Ecose MR02RM right now and he's pretty good on our track.
I just want to buy him an off road car, not to race with MR02 but to have fun and to atract some other parents at track to buy their kids offroaders too and to have fun all together and I assume he'll want to make cool jumps and the new car will suffer from a lot of hard and tuff impacts. Anyway, the car will be run indoor.

The Micro has the advantage of the lower price, but the Kyosho Monster it's easiear to find it around here.
Which one it's more durable, easy to fix or ready to be abused by a 10 yo kid and myself :D, out of the box ? How about after some upgrades ?
And which one requires more upgrades to be reasonable fast and resistent to hard impacts...thanks for your input !

2007.12.05, 09:16 AM
The micro-t is about half the size, a completely different truck. I would take the micro-t for its price and zippy handling on a track. If you want something to jump/bash/crawl around the house, then go for the monster. I would say the monster is more durable, it's bigger and has a beefy chassis compared to the micro-t which weighs about 1/3 of a monster.

2007.12.05, 11:12 AM
Why not get both?

2007.12.05, 11:53 AM
I race the mr-02 and it is a good car.
I bought a mini-z monster and it is very good, also. I have run it on our rcp track and it runs very well. I have gone over some jumps, bumps, etc. It handles these well. I can also drive it on our carpet living room floor. the mr-02 does not have enough ground clearance to drive on the carpet.

I would recommend the monster because:
1) our local hobby store sells them for $100, which is not much more than the micro t
2) it has more ground clearance and can be driven in more places.
3) it handles great and if you raced it against mr-02 type cars, it would not be at a disadvantage.
4) I believe that there are more body styles for the monster, also.

My son (who is 7) also has a monster. he loves it.

just my opinion,

2007.12.05, 12:06 PM
I'm not sure how you can compare racing the Monster with an MR02. Obviously being higher, it'll roll over easier than the MR02 will. The Monster was not intended for that type of racing. However, the Monster could run over the MR02's and possibly win that way! Seriously, I prefer the Micro-T's because they are the only car's I can really have fun with in the house. Even the Monster is too big for indoor use, but great out doors.

2007.12.05, 12:21 PM
You would think that because it is higher, it would roll over easier. But, I have run it on several RCP track layouts and it drives great. it is not quite as fast as the mr-02 and you can run over the top of the barriers with the monster. But I have not experianced it rolling over. there is another guy at our track that has raced his and he did not seem to face roll overs, either.

Have you driven the monster? I was really surprised by how well it handled. I was expecting it to roll over when any corners were taken with a little speed.

Now, I do agree that if you are looking for a pure racer, the mr-02 is a better choice and the monster is made more for bumps, jumps, and things. But if you wanted to, you could race with it.


Red Team
2007.12.05, 12:55 PM
Thanks guys...

@rcspeed ...I don't want to race the Monster in the same time with MR02, sorry for missunderstanding, I edit my first post, hope it's more clear this time. My opinion goes more for the Monster, because of what you said and because it's bigger and tend to be more durable, as wes said.

@marc thanks for your opinion too. My son will not run the car in the house, but to our track, modified with some jumps and off road stuff.

Thanks guys and keep on coming your input !

2007.12.05, 01:45 PM
I didn't mean to say that it could only be used for racing. I just meant that the handling is good.

I have driven over jumps and bumps. This truck is great.

Now I can't give you my opinion on the micro-t, becasue I have only seen it in the box. It is supposed to be a good truck also.

I would think that you can't go wrong with either truck, as long as you drive it in an environment that the truck can handle.

2007.12.05, 03:08 PM
$200 shipped (overseas) and I will send you both ;) (no TX)
Monster Unused, Micro T slightly used...

Red Team
2007.12.06, 09:57 AM
Thanks Draconious for your offer, I let you know if I take them !

Later I took a look on the Iwaver05 MT..it seems that it's a tuff car, but I guess being a new model, not many people have experience with that.

2007.12.06, 10:55 PM
I have both and prefer the monster due to it size

2007.12.07, 02:54 PM
I've got both trucks as well and I have to give the Micro-T a slight advantage.. The Micro-T seems to be more durable than the Mini Z Monster as far as taking large jumps and overall bashing.. In my experience the Mini Z Monster's upper shock links and mounts tend to break relatively easily.. Another reason I would choose the Micro-T over the Monster is speed.. With just bearings and the Team Losi Lipo pack, my Micro-T does 28Mph when using the 14 tooth pinion, compared to the Monster which even with an X-Speed motor upgrade only gets up to around 17Mph...

The Mini-Z Monster and the Micro-T both have their good qualities.. I would consider them both for their good traits.. If you want a long run time, and you're not going to be jumping it a lot, go with the Mini-Z Monster.. If you want a faster, slightly more-durable truck for roughly half the price of the Mini-Z Monster readyset, then go Micro-T....

2007.12.09, 10:27 AM
Maybe the monster can win a race against the MR02 by jumping over the barriers and cutting corners and what not! LOL!

2007.12.14, 10:33 PM
I own both, and I don't even drive my monster anymore. Do bearings and a li-po on a Micro-T, and you will not want to drive anything else. Mine is an absolute ball to drive, and I probably drive it more than any other r/c I own.

Red Team
2007.12.17, 05:04 AM
Thanks guys for your opinion..I've got an offer for Micro T from a member of the forum...very tempting, I think I'll take that into consideration and who knows, may be some other time I'll take also a Monster...or the new Iwaver03 buggy !