View Full Version : IW01 Or FL Nanoracer 2.0??

2007.12.09, 03:55 PM
i would like to buy a mini-z, but cant afford one. The IW01 and FL2.0 seemed the like the best buys for a money minded racer. I use xmods right now, but, to be quite honest, they suck, so i want to switch to something more hobby-grade. I dont live in an area with any "Z" clubs, and i dont have a track (but i plan to get one soon), so this would just be something to race around my basement with my brother. I dont know much about the IW01, but ive checked out the FL2.0 and it seems decent. The 01 looks sweet with all aluminum and a cf chassis tho :) . I would like to know what the strong and weak points are in both of the rtr's. Thx

2007.12.09, 09:48 PM
I think it might not be too fair for me to tell you about the Plus and Minus of these two RTR sets.
The iwaver 01 has a more fine tune design and performance that comes from the DNA of iwaver 02M. Many user in this forum has said that the chassis design has many potential and do well in stock and really excels after modification.

Firelap NanoRacer 2.0 on the other hand follow many of the design from MR-02, and it really a good performance chassis for the price.

The TX for the two RTR set is quiet different. The one for the iwaver 01 is an analogue TX with no frill chassis controls. The one for NR 2.0 is from Inopo AFM2, which is a digital LCD TX with all the fine tune ability you would be expecting from a hobby grade TX.

Hop-up situation for both Chassis is different as well. Current iwaver 01 can borrow many metallic parts from iwaver 02M, the NR 2.0 on the other hand can basically use all the parts made for MR-02.

I hope these clear many things for you, and if you would need additional information please feel free to contact me.

P.S: We sell RCP tracks as well.

2007.12.10, 07:09 PM
you sell rcp tracks??? Are these the Imat tracks on toyeast?

My only problem is shipping it here in the Philippines and getting through customs .

2007.12.10, 11:44 PM
Well this shipping you could use Sea, or forwarder.
Customs should not be too big of an issue, it's just like children's mats.
We do sell tracks, search imat and you will see it.

2007.12.11, 05:28 AM
Yep saw the Imat. Is the Imat manufactured by RCP or by iwaver?

Thanks fangel, by having you giving us feedback for iwaver and firelap, we are more confident in purchasing our products because we know iwaver cares :D

2007.12.11, 08:04 PM
the track is made by another company, we just sells the product.
So it not RCP nor iwaver. But we have a very large set in the office for testing.
I could tell you that the quality is very good and all of our chassis runs good on it.
(Mini-Z, iwaver, Micro-T, VsTank, Tamiya)