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2007.12.11, 02:10 PM
Sweet. Have to check this one out... :D


2007.12.11, 02:38 PM
Looks neat, looking forward to a review.

2007.12.11, 04:10 PM
very interesting. anyting to keep the nose from getting trapped by rcp rails and not busting into tiny shards would be a huge plus.

i must say however, the newer f1's with the 3010 fets have a much better bumper plate than the previous f1's. i get stuck with MUCH less frequency than some of the other guys in my club.

2007.12.11, 06:33 PM
Very cool piece, but don't the side plates look a little fragile the way they are connected to the bumper?

2007.12.11, 06:46 PM
Depends on the material. I haven't seen it in person yet, but I've got a few on order. Atomic plastics tend to be more flexy than others, though transparent plastics tend to be brittle. If it's designed correctly, the flex MAY actually prevent the bumper from breaking. We'll find out soon.

2007.12.12, 10:15 AM
Looks great where can I get some??????

2007.12.14, 01:36 AM
We should have a few in stock next week. I've been trying to stay away from F1 for our initial relaunch to keep the product lineup simple, but I love it too much! :D

2007.12.28, 05:52 PM
Any websites selling these yet?

I'm not too confident though, with this made if thin plastic. It will tear right through the holes like my stock ones do.

2007.12.28, 10:04 PM
I'll let you know soon. Our Atomic order should be here any day now.

2007.12.31, 09:41 PM
It's here! Report coming soon...

2008.01.01, 05:13 PM
It's here! Report coming soon...

Cool, I'm curious how fast these break :rolleyes:

2008.01.01, 05:17 PM
Very slowly if you stay off the walls... :D

2008.01.05, 11:07 PM
How much is it going to retail for?

2008.01.06, 05:12 AM
$4.60. I'll be running one at the Atomic race next week to see how it holds up under competition.

2008.01.12, 08:33 PM
Its nice, but its brittle compared to the Kyosho bumper. A few bad laps here and there practicing with other racers for the first time with the bumper on...

2008.01.13, 09:02 PM
No go for me as well. I installed it and ended up with no front ride height. On top of that, it doesn't like the Ferrari chin spoiler (which I shaved off anyways) since it lacks the Kyosho cutout. I took it off immediately.

I did see Z408's latest version bumper this weekend. I like... :)

2008.03.25, 11:15 AM
So whats the hot bumper to get? I got a used F1 that didnt have one on it so I need to buy one. I was looking at the Kyosho MF02B or the Atomic AF-036. Similar price I just need the strongest one as I'm still learning to drive the F1 and spend considerable time on the rails...Doh!

2008.03.25, 11:25 AM
So whats the hot bumper to get? I got a used F1 that didnt have one on it so I need to buy one. I was looking at the Kyosho MF02B or the Atomic AF-036. Similar price I just need the strongest one as I'm still learning to drive the F1 and spend considerable time on the rails...Doh!

I got the Atomic bumper and it has saved me from the evil gray and red bumpers...hehe It even cut down on my getting jammed in the rails...

2008.03.25, 04:33 PM
IMO, stick with the Kyosho. I didn't have very good luck with the Atomic plastic bumper. Very fragile, drags since it has very little ground clearance, and binds with some bodies. From the pic that pinoyboy posted, you can see that there is literally no front suspension travel.

2008.03.26, 12:50 AM
saw this online on a japanese site... can't remember where... but it looks pretty good and seems like it might do a good job in saving the front wings...

2008.03.26, 12:02 PM
Looks great, but doesn't look like there's anything tall on the bumper to prevent the wing from getting stuck underneath the RCP wall.

2008.08.01, 03:33 AM
Well, actually, it shouldn't be so hard to scratch-build one yourself. When I'll get my f1, I'll put a tutorial up:D

PS: if this is bringing up an old thread, sorry...

2008.08.01, 08:35 AM
I ran the Atomic bumper in our HFAY F1 races and it performed just fine. Not one instance of rail stick (I didn't hit much though :D) The ride height issue was solved with a dremel and using a stock bumper as a template. I do not understand why they did not cut the center hole for the low part of the front wing, you'd think they would've realised what that was for and why it was there.

All they need to do to make it perfect is pick a more durable material (I did shatter one in testing), I think this is some kind of acrylic and they should've gone with something more like a nylon base. I don't mind cutting the hole for the wing, kinda neat to custom fit it to whichever wing you have.

2008.08.01, 08:46 AM
i also ran this in our first f1 hfay race,no problem at all with it:)
to me it seems less brittle than the stock one,with higher front and sides so it doesnt stick under the rails as much(my f1 wasnt bad but i did hit a few times:o:p)

2008.08.01, 01:33 PM
I'm glad that you guys have had some success with it. The material just isn't strong or flexible enough for my needs and the oversight on the center hole just tells me that Atomic really didn't think this one through all the way. It might work out just fine for HFAY where the worst thing you're going to hit is an RCP rail, but I don't have confidence that it will hold up very well for door to door racing.

2008.08.01, 04:30 PM
true,we are using the hfay motor so speeds are not high and less cars on the track.
for modified i can see it breaking just as easy as the stock one

2008.08.01, 09:24 PM
I only stuck once since I've been running it, and that was when I zoned out at my top speed down the straight. The one that shattered actually caught me by surprise because it seemed like such a light tap into the rail. It looks like I hit a brick on the track the way it split all the way to the back. I thought the hole I cut caused it at first but then flipped it over and saw the crack bypassing the hole completely. I'm sure everyone with an F1 would snap one up if they had the hole there and it was made from stronger material. (too expensive for me to manufacture... I already checked into it ;))

I will be ordering another spare though, not getting stuck under a rail for a few seconds (which can easily translate into a lap or two in HFAY) is top priority. To me, it's really a near necessity for the older, lower profile front wings.

2008.08.04, 08:07 PM
I got a atomic f-1 bumper, use it 4 the HFAY and it shattered 2 pieces. When I pratice with it before the race I had 2 shave the sides of the bumper so the wheels could turn lock 2 lock and not bind on the bumper when turning and stop the wheel which it cause it 2 push through turns. I also had suspenion travel issues with it bottoming out. It did keep me from getting stuck in the rails until enough of it broke away but I still didn't get stuck as often as I did with the stock bumper. But as cheap as they are and nobody else has an F-1 bumper its worth just 2 keep a couple in the pit box.

2008.08.04, 09:03 PM
Oh yeah, you definitely have to trim down the backsides for wheel clearance... I've trimmed down the trailing edge of the wings as well.

As far as the ride height goes, I trimmed the hole in the center, the screw posts (the screwws that go from the top down), and also that center post which sits over the tie rod box.

I recommend holding the bumper onto the car and marking off the hole needed for the wing with a marker first, that way you're only taking away what you need to. And make sure when you do that, you leave as few sharp corners as possible to avoid stress points for failure. The stuff is tough to cut because it likes to wad up on the cutting tool, but when I'm using my dremel I just keep the bit moving up and down as it's cutting to keep the wads to a minimum.

2008.08.04, 09:26 PM
i thought my fronts would hit on it at full lock but luckily with the amount of steering throw i use it didnt need it

2008.08.04, 11:06 PM
It's usually not an issue for me either running a very worn set of Kyosho 23 degree tires up front, but since I threw the PN 6s on the back, I had to dial alot more in. I might be scrubbing a bit more but the car is really doing what I want it to now and it's very predictable. On my backup car with the new front tires, it really started rubbing.