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2007.12.12, 10:45 AM
Are Sinister drivers charging and discharging their 4 cells in the soldered pack form, or ?

Certainly you guys can't be de-soldering and re-soldering each time you charge a pack... can you?

Maybe someone has devised some simple clips to hold the pack vs. soldering? That would allow for dealing with the cells individually. Running a Hurda body the extra weight of some clips would be negated.

2007.12.12, 11:15 AM
i had the same thought when i first saw the chassis,im thinking of matching the cells first(maha),soldering into packs of 4 and then using a 1/10 style peak charger :)

hopefully ill get one in the next few months,just about gathered the radio gear up for it :D

2007.12.12, 12:06 PM
Seems to me the chassis design is begging for a new battery tray.

Here's a thought;
Same low slung cg by keeping batteries low. Batteries could be tacked into the tray. The tray screws up into place. With the batteries tacked in the tray makes the chassis even more rigid. The tray has removable clips- clips are in when the batteries are in the body. Remove tray and attach charging clips so each cell could be charged individually. I can see it. Have more than one tray so you'd always have a charged set. Added weight of clips and additional mounting screws, but bonus of stiffer chassis, slightly easier battery change, and easier to deal with individual cells.

Of course go li-poly or li-ion and this all changes! Perhaps that's the real solution. Thin li-pos may be able to slide in the chassis as is.

A buddy is setting up two RCP tracks. There's no mini-z scene here in Milwaukee, so we're starting one. The online forums are what I have for info, no local racers, and no other sinisters in my area, unless someone else reading this in Milwaukee drops me a line.

2007.12.12, 04:05 PM
I had the same question here about a discharger for a soldered 4 cell pack: http://www.mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26527

Someone just needs to make a discharger similar to 1/10 dischargers, but for AAAs side by side. I know one guy here in Toronto hooked up wires with aligator clips to his novak smart tray, and clipped each post on the discharger to all 8 poles of the 4 cell AAA pack. A 2 cell lipo will definitely fit in the sinister, only problem is it's usually not allowed in most race classes.

I would love to see mr02 style battery terminals fitted to the sinister, I thought of trying it myself but there just isn't enough room...

2007.12.13, 01:10 AM
Dear All,

Please bear with us a little more. Many new products including individual discharger for packs are on the way. We have only 2 months left to the fair and soon you'll start to see many new prodcut announcements.

2007.12.13, 02:20 AM
cant wait for the c1 to come out :)