View Full Version : Switching the throtlle function on KT-5 stock TX

Red Team
2007.12.13, 05:51 AM
So, my MR02 it's working only in reverse and discovered I have the forward fet burned and because I'm not very confident in swaping with the other one or changing both fets with better ones, till I'll have a new board, I switched the motor wires.
Now the car goes only forward but only when I push the throtlle in reverse on the TX.
I took a look on the forum and found the lefthanded KT-5 tutorial and seen the open TX picture.
I'm wondering if I switch the throtlle wires inside the TX somehow I'll be able to drive the car forward by pulling the throtlle normally on the TX ?
And then I guess I have to put back the motor wires, but this wouldn't be a problem :)

Any opinion would be apreciatte.

Friday edit: Problem solved...just switched the red & black wires from the throttle, inside of the TX and I'm back to the track....like 1/10 PRO drivers...no reverse :)