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2007.12.13, 12:30 PM
Do you guys know why they have Hard/Medium/Soft for the damper plate springs? I thought it works the same as the front springs until I saw a post saying the the hard blue springs make his car turn in faster. I know the harder the front springs the less steering you get... Any input?

2007.12.13, 06:24 PM
The disk damper is, remember, a damper. Changing damper springs means altering damping, not spring rate, so the effect you get is not going to be an overall change in traction but an instantaneous one that is felt most prominently during weight transfer.

Please show me the post you're referencing, because in experience, using blue (hard) damper springs will give the rear end (relatively) more traction entering a turn while increasing steering a little bit coming out.

Soft damper springs will increase turn-in but decrease on-power steering, in general.

More interesting effects can be had when you use combinations of springs to emulate a bump/rebound difference in damping strengths. Making the bottom spring harder (assuming a disk damper where the post moves with the motor mount) gives you a little more steering because the rear end tends to decompress more easily than it compresses -- meaning the rear end rides a little higher on average.

2007.12.20, 06:55 PM
Thanks for your input. It helped me out a lot! I'm now playing around with the red and green (soft/med) springs and they seemed to work well on my cars setup.

Anyhow, when do we see your car at the track?

2007.12.21, 04:01 PM
Glad it helped, sometimes it's nice to be able to drive on a terrible track where the limits of the cars are easily found. :D

I'm too busy building the cars right now to take any to Inside Line Racing, but rest assured that when I do I'll bring the video camera and a can of whup-ass. :p

2007.12.21, 04:19 PM
:lol: btw, you got a driver that can drive your car yet? I'll drive it for you...

2007.12.21, 04:33 PM
lol, I would prefer to drive it myself, I'm out of practice anyways as you can see from the other vid I posted. ;)

2007.12.21, 04:36 PM
I must of missed that vid. Let me look it up...