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2007.12.13, 02:49 PM
Hello people. If you are a fan of GPM's products, then you may be interested in knowing that they are willing to sell some of their Kyosho Mini-Z show cars. Being a fan my selfe, I personally asked theme if they had any MR01's, MR15's, MR02's, and MA010 AWD's fully hopped-up with their products. Here is what they have to offer.

MR01 chassis about $150.

MR02 chassis about $220 I think. I don't remember exact price on these, sorry.

MR015 chassis was somewhere between $150-220

MA010 chassis, $350 dollars.

These cars do not come with bodies, but they do come with transmitters. You can request GPM to exchange the front body clip to match your chosen body. Only issue with GPM is that they do NOT accept PayPal as form of payment. Payments must be made via teletransfer with a small fee, bankdraft, or credit card payments.
Why am I showing you this? Some of us like GPM and their older parts are getting harder and harder to find, so it would be nice to get a ready built chassis wouldn't it? I for one would like all of theme, but I don't have that kind of cash. Anyway, just thought I'd share this information with you all! Enjoy!

PS, I'm sure if you request certain colors, they will do it if they have the parts in stock.

2007.12.13, 03:00 PM
ooo the mr01 and 015 look tempting... but i don't have any $$$ left over from running 2wd and 4wd :(
that mr01 would've been everyone's dream car a few years ago... I have a soft spot for them :p

2007.12.13, 03:07 PM
Yes, I'd love to get the MR01 and put a white Toyota Altezza body on it. MMMMMM, yummy!

2007.12.13, 04:52 PM
funny you mention the white altezza... I remember about 7 years ago, some guy came in to the 1/10 track where I raced, and was showing off his white Altezza mr01. Back then, it was pretty much the only small scale r/c car. I found it had working suspension and hop ups, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I bought a red gt3 readyset 15 mins later, and that was my very first mini-z! Who would've known that several years later, I'd be spending/playing more with Zs than 1/10 :D

2007.12.13, 05:05 PM
My very first Mini-Z was the yellow Toyota Altezza. Then I quickly deleted the yellow one in favor of the white AutoScale as I hate yellow cars. Then I did the clear chassis, and blue alloy. I think the front bulkhead was TopCad, and the battery clips were GPM.

2007.12.26, 05:05 PM
Well, I'm about to make the purchase, just waiting for the bank to refund me my money after the theft I had through PayPal. Damn PayPal wouldn't lift a finger to help me since they beleive the purchases were ligit. Luckily, the bank is good to me and I should be getting money back sometime soon. So, with that in mind, I'm very interested in getting these cars. I think GPM said if they have certain colors in stock, they will do a color change for me. So, keep an eye out here soon. Later!

2008.07.11, 02:06 PM
Update: I think these car's are still available if anybody wants theme. They e-mailed me a month ago still offering, so that tell's me there still available.