View Full Version : FETs for PN Anima

2007.12.14, 11:41 AM
I just checked PN's site and they suggest a 2x3 stack for the Anima II motor. I don't see a recommendation on type of FET so I was wondering if anyone had any more details.

Specifically I was wondering if I could get by with a 2x2 stack of 4562's on an MR02.

2007.12.14, 12:27 PM
4562s will do the job. - That's what we run at RCkenon Raceway.

2007.12.16, 02:14 AM
I've run a 2x2 for some time now with no trouble using the 4562's.

I run a 4x4 on the AD board, but it really drains the batts, so I've been thinking of bumping it down to a 2x2.

2008.06.14, 05:24 AM
I blew one of my 8962 fet in my ASF board with this PN Anima motor. First time trying this motor and man, it's fast. Too fast that I blew my fet. I'm now gonna be running 4x2 8962's... I hope this holds up.

2008.06.14, 05:42 AM
I messed with alot of oddball fets and I still recommend either the 4562s or the 7317s (if you can find those). I've been running my #2 Mod with an Anima and a 2x2 4562 and have had no issues whatsoever.

2008.06.26, 05:41 PM
I used the 2x2 4562's so far so good.

2008.06.26, 07:05 PM
Get 2x2 4562 and just stick to using a 6t or 7t pinion or equivalent final ratio ;)

2008.06.27, 07:59 AM
How about in an AWD? Would 2x2 4562 still be sufficient?

2008.06.28, 09:01 PM
Believe me, you don't want to run an Anima II in an AWD. That's what they are using in the PN Qualifiers for AWD Mod and I heard some horror stories from Spain that they burned quite a few motors and fet's, one of the cars got so hot it even melted the chasis...

For the most part of the AWD designed motors 2x2 4562 is more then enough. I have been running a Xeric with 2x2 for a long time with no problems, and know of people running T2 and Chilis with no problems to.