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2007.12.14, 02:01 PM
Can someone give me a break down of all the mini-z F1 sets that have been made available since they were first introduced by year and type? I'm compiling a list and this is the one area I'm completely lost on since I don't have much knowledge on the nuances from year to year. If you have pictures that'd be great too.

2007.12.14, 08:35 PM
Going off of memory for this one, so please fill in the blanks... :D

2001 season:
Jordan EJ11
Mclaren MP4/16
Ferrari F2001
Williams FW23

2002 season:
Jordan EJ12
Mclaren MP4/17
Ferrari F2002
Toyota TF102

2003 season:
Jordan EJ13
Ferrari F2003-GA
Williams FW25
Toyota TF103

2004 season:
Mclaren MP4/19
Ferrari F2004

2005 season:
Mclaren MP4/20
Ferrari F2005