View Full Version : Chili vs. Z2?

2007.12.16, 03:22 PM
Hey everyone,
Ive been using a Z2 for my pan car for the past few weeks and wanted to get a little more out of it. Is the chili faster than the Z2 in terms of top speed? Im running on a 2cell lipo and the Z2 cant really hold on for that long. From what I understand the new atomic motors are much more durable with the new brush design so it should be better.

I just do speed runs for now but since its starting to snow am looking to run at my local track soon.


2007.12.20, 04:19 PM
A guy at my local track has the chilli in his awd and it is one of the fastest cars there. tons of top end. i could imagine what that motor would be like in a lighter car such as the 02:)


2007.12.25, 02:08 AM
Believe it or not the fastest motor available out there is the Stock R. Just get some overland gears and put the biggest gear you can drive around your track with. An 11 or 12 pinion should fit with an aftermarket pod and should provide more bottom and top end than a Chili or Z2/T2.

2007.12.25, 07:44 PM
It's funny you say that Christian because one of the first things I noticed was how close the max speeds were between the STOCK-R and the CHILI in my MA010's. With 19/29 gearing the STOCK-R was only a few kph slower than the CHILI running 4.8V* AAA NimH (*5.5V-6.0V when the batts are right off the charger).
I can't yet run the CHILI on my AD-MR02 but when it gets Fetted I will have to see how the CHILI compares to the STOCK-R I have been running. The STOCK-R is crazy-fast with the AD-Band MR-02, only being outdone by some of my custom-wound motors. But even then the STOCK-R puts up a close fight. For a machine-wound motor the STOCK-R is a great buy.

2007.12.26, 10:37 AM
Thanks for the replies. So on a 2cell lipo, I'm better off getting the stock for more top end?