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2007.12.17, 04:44 AM
Hi all,
what track width would you recommend for a home build?
The space to lay the track is somewhat limited, so Im looking for the minimum. I was figuring it should be somewhere between 60 and 100cm (24-40"). Is 60cm fast driveable without bumping all the time? A little drifting should also be possible.


2007.12.17, 05:51 AM
30"-40" wide is pretty good. The RCP I think is ~30". When they run big RCP tracks they usually use expansion tiles which bump it up to like 45". You can really run fast and turn fast on a track that wide.


2007.12.17, 07:02 AM
IMO, it depends on track material (grip) and how many people will be racing.

If you are going to be mostly racing solo, and there is good grip, Id make them close to 24". It wont be fun to run a really easy layout by yourself, and the smaller the lanes (tougher the course) the better it will enhance your skills.

We regularly change the layout at my office. We generally have 3-4 racers, with 6 or so on most fridays. Our track width ranges from 30" to 36" on a carpet track. Its plenty wide for fast cars and traffic, but some layouts offer a real challenge.

2007.12.17, 09:51 AM
Good info, thanks!!!
4 cars will be maximum I think.

I bought some material after reading your replies and figured I would start from a maximum of 40". I bought 100x100cm tiles (about 40x40") of MDF (which I will use as base material). Experienced it as way to wide for a small area track. 40" is probably nice for very fast and large tracks.

24-32" will be more challenging and will give me way more room for interesting track layouts. I was thinking I could also integrate just some wider track to vary a bit in corner radius.

I did some research and found this at RCPtracks.com
Wide L = 33" lane width (2 tiles) = 84cm
Mini 96 = 18-1/2" lane width (2 small tiles) = 47cm (is it really that narrow?, or do most go for 3 or more tiles width)

2007.12.17, 10:19 AM
I think most people who run mini96s stock, are running/testing alone. The guys that race on them add the expansion kit which gets it up to more race-able size.

Since it will be four of you, I would lean more towards the 30" range. You can definatly get more creative with a smaller track width, and definatly add in some "open" turns for high speed :D

2008.04.07, 06:29 AM
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