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Red Team
2007.12.17, 10:06 AM
In this weekend we had the first 1/28 RC competition hosted by our new track. We call it Winter Cup. The attandence was ok for us, we had 3 mini Z, 3 Iwavers and 6 xmods, so 12 participants !

We had some spectators who express their interest in buying cars for future participation at our races.

The competition was very tight, I was 3rd TQ, a guy with Iwaver 02 M second, and surprise - a very clean xmods in pole position.

Because few days before the race I burn one fet, I had to race without reverse and this cost me 2 laps, so I finished in 4th place, the xmods evolution was third, my bro with the his Audi MR02 was second and the guy with Iwaver02M was the first in A main.

Because we want the competitors to have the same chances as much as posiblle, we race this competition stock motors - only the motor originally from the ready sets, bearings alowed, any tires...most of us used PN tires. The xmods had some allu parts but not much. All cars had ready sets stock TX and except one of the xmods, we haven't encountered any interferences or other TX problems.

Our race circuit it's carpet and we used Robitronic Lap Counter which closed by itself on the second round of qualifications but other than that we didn't had any problems.

We had 3 qualification rounds of 5 minutes and 2 mains of 8 minutes. To get in the main, we choosed the best race out of the 3 qualification rounds and for the final results, we sumarise the results of the 2 mains.

All in one the race proved one more time that if you have a good hand, you can win no matter what !

The first place, the guy with Iwaver couldn't believe that he won in front of 3 very fast and well tuned MR02 who chased him till last lap, but who made mistakes during the race.

After the race he gave me to make some laps with his car, I can say I like it a lille more than my MR02, the throtlle trigger it's more stiff, the same with the sterring wheel, which on my KT-5 are to soft for my taste so I'm planning to buy the new 02M and I'm planing to organise some kind of Iwaver race series along with some other competitions in 2008.

But here are the complete data of the race, some pictures and some videos from the weekend.

Hope you like it !

1 - Cristi Ionescu: 90 laps / 16:16:278 - Iwaver 02M
2 - Lucian Dutu: 89 laps / 16:19:966 - Mini Z MR02 RM
3 - Mihai Apostol: 84 laps / 16:10:427 - Xmods Evolution
4 - Iulian Dutu - Red Team: 82 laps / 16:07:351 - Mini Z MR02 RM
5 - Mihai Micu: 74 laps / 15:50:890 - Iwaver 02M
6 - Dragos Frangu: 68 laps / 16:17:425 - Xmods Evolution
7 - Sisoe Radu: 59 laps / 16:06:700 - Iwaver 02M
8 - Spafiu Cristian: 59 laps / 16:31:155 - Xmods Evolution
9 - Robert Georgevici: 54 laps / 16:28:850 - Xmods Evolution
10 Catalin Ceausu: 44 laps / 08:09:639 - Mini Z MR02 RM





2007.12.17, 09:16 PM
Thanks for organizing this racing event for many of the member to see that the iwaver 02M can really run in par with other Mini-Z and X-mod.

If you like the current TX, then you would love the new TX. Because the new TX not only will have the feel and grip that you wanted and you could have all the fine tune setting that you will get in a racing grade TX.

Thanks again for all the Video and picture you have provided, since all are stock model I wonder what the hardcore modified Cherub1m 02M could do.