View Full Version : Qualitative Difference between MR01 and MR02 PCBs?

2007.12.18, 06:06 PM
Is there a qualitative difference between the PCB between the MR01 and MR02 boards?

I've done one conversion where I put a MR01 board into an MR02 and it's been fine.

I was just wondering if there was any real difference in terms of quality, reliability etc.

2007.12.18, 06:58 PM
No brakes on the MR01. Straight to reverse.

2007.12.18, 10:24 PM
The MR01's are hard to nail down on this subject. There are some revisions in the MR01 boards. Some of the later year cars had reverse, those boards may be very close to the MR02 boards. Some of the first run MR01's have been known for weak solder joints on the servo wires.

2007.12.19, 12:46 AM
A few of my 01 boards have been converted to 3010 fets and I see no performance difference compared to the 02 boards I have. I will say this though... My one Mod car is a stacked 01 board, and with no brake it can be tricky slowing down for wrecks and such. I prefer an 01 board in my F1 though, the quicker I can get going in reverse, the better. Seems to help get it out from under a rail a little easier than if it had the double-tap. (probably would help if I just didn't hit rails! :o )