View Full Version : Buying wheels for Toyota Altezza

2007.12.18, 06:33 PM
Hello. I have a Toyota Altezza on the MR15 chassis. Currently, it is running on what I think are 0 offset wheels all around. What will work best for the Altezza, I wish to purchase 3Racing's two-tone 5-star wheels as I think they will look best on this car. So, what offset will work best, -0.5, or 0.5? I want a nice "tuner" look to it but I also want it to handle it's best. Thanks!

2007.12.18, 11:28 PM
I will try a few different wheels and see... May take a little while, since I am currently running a 350z, and dont think that the Altezza will handle better, but I will try mounting the body this weekend and see how it fits with wide rear wheels.

2007.12.30, 02:48 AM
One thing I know is, if the wheels for the front is 0 off set, it's a bit too tucked in. May want to go w/ either .5 or 1. (+)

2008.01.20, 11:16 PM
I had a chance to race my MR015 with the Altezza body. I started with 1N/0W wheels. At first I thought, wow.... this is working great! Then I rubbed a wall trying to get around traffic, and lost the tire. This happened during qualifying the second qualify...

The first heat, the body popped up, and I pulled over for a marshall to do body work. He picked up the car, looked at it... said that the body was on alright, and placed it on the track... when he put it down, the body came off entirely. So, 2 out of 2 heats were poor, I was almost sure that I didnt make the A main... but I had enough laps to take the last position on the grid.

I got to wrenching after the 2nd qual and swapped the 1N wheels up front to 0N. Its really hard to find .5mm offset wheels (I refuse to use alloy wheels) and the only bearings that I knew of with .5mm offset was the old Duratrax ones that Tower used to carry. I had to adjust my driving style just a little bit on the hard sweeper after the straight, but besides that, the car handled very well, and eventually I won the race. Competition is pretty steep in that class, almost as tight as MR02 stock.

Last week I had the car setup with an RX7 FD3S body, stock RM mount and Kyosho disc damper. I came in second place and qualified third. The car was good, but just not quite where I wanted it to be. I made the swap to the Altezza, and used the Atomic 94mm MM vIII mount. We use stock Kyosho motors in this class which cannot be modified in any way (drilling the can being one). So for a 94mm MM setup, this is the motormount to use.

Long story short... 1mm is too wide. .5 may work, but I had good results with 0.

In my original post, I was not referring to the MR015 class car, I was referring to my MR02 with PN 015 towers.