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2007.12.20, 08:29 PM
Here are some pictures of my little project I have been working on. It is a chopped Toyota Land Crusier body. It has a custom built brass rear cage built by me. It's around 50% complete. I still need to find LED's for it and finish the body work before I can paint it. I am going with a flat black for the cage and a Matalic Blue for the body. Here is a link to the photo's. http://s263.photobucket.com/albums/ii139/cola4690/
Hope you like the pic's.

PS. If any know's where to get 3mm and 5mm white led's that will work with the voltage a overland puts out please let me know.

2007.12.21, 08:14 AM
very clean work!

2007.12.21, 07:02 PM
Most white LEDs are 3.6 volts. So to work on a 4.8 volt Mini Z you wire anode to anode and cathode to cathodes. You can't run them in series (anode to cathode) like the red LED's for example that are rated at something like 1.5 volts. You can search LED sources for a thread with some good links. Look's good so far.

2007.12.21, 07:56 PM
Thanks for the info!! I am going to start some searching.

2007.12.22, 05:08 AM
Best to use a resistor in series to limit the current. Put the details of the LEDs into this calculator: http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz it will calculate the value required for you - I think that where the LED spec says 30mA actually 10mA is sufficient - just use the 30mA if you really don't want to be able to look at your car (or wear shades like this: :cool: :) )

Oh - and nice work on the car :)

2007.12.22, 05:10 PM
Should I base the voltage off fully charged battery's or the 4.8v that the cells are rated as?

Thanks for the link lsarccc!!

2007.12.23, 12:11 AM
I think I based my setup on 6 volts, as that would be what it would have with fresh alklines in it. That is just playing it safe. I have a two AA Maglight flashlight that I removed the bulb, and stuck one 3mm white LED in to test it. 3 volts is enough to light it up. The problem with running LEDs in series is the voltage doubles for every LED you use. Example, two white LEDs at 3.6 volts would now need 7.2 volts to work at full strength. If you want to run eight white LED's the parallel arangement works better, this way all of them share the same load together. You still need the resistor on the positive side.

2007.12.23, 05:01 AM
I put the LEDs in parallel and I just used one resistor. For a rig like that you may want to drive them harder and have a separate resistor for each LED like the schematics that site suggests.

2007.12.24, 04:06 PM
Here are some updated pictures. I still need to finish the painting and do touch ups. I also plan on putting two more LED's on the front bumper. Here is the link http://s263.photobucket.com/albums/ii139/cola4690/


2007.12.28, 05:59 PM
It is complete!!! Well almost. I still need to wire the lights up together but I have to wait because the hobby shop was out of them. But the body work is finished. I will get some shots with the lights on once I get the done.


PS: Here is the link again. http://s263.photobucket.com/albums/ii139/cola4690/