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2007.12.21, 10:44 PM
I had the most unfortunate experience with this online store where I bought an i-waver monster truck as a gift. Made me realize its much more appealing to buy personally from a real store for these stuff. I've heard a lot of negative feedback about their service but I had to experience it to believe it. And to sum it up, well, its my first and last transaction with them. Here's why:

I bought the item online last November 18. And one thing I notice about it is that they have only two modes of payment: Paypal and Western Union. They don't have one that's direct to the credit card. If you're gonna pay by credit card you have to course it through paypal, which I did. Which was really stupid since paypal doesn't remit the payment to Toyeast if the account is unregistered to them. They accepted my payment and it was debitted to my card, but the payment was not sent to Toyeast. I wasn't aware of what happened till after a week when I checked when the goods will arrive, and it stated there that the payment wasn't received. They didn't even send me an email following up on the payment so I would have known there was something wrong! Such poor customer service.

And so I had to deal with long calls to Paypal to settle it, and at the end of it all, I ordered again and cancelled the first one.

Which brings me to another sad story… I placed the new order on December 2, and to be sure that the items will arrive in 3 days (as stated in their website) in time for the birthday celebrant's birthday, I used EMS, paid USD 33 for it too. Then, they changed over their server on December 3 and did not get back to me on when the shipment will arrive --- they even had a disclaimer in their website that orders placed before they closed their website would be shipped as promised. To be sure, I called them up on December 5 (the date I was supposed to receive the item!!!!) demanding for the Tracking Number for EMS and it was only after that when they shipped the item. I got it after a week (as opposed to their 3-5 days timings…), and WHAT'S WORSE, ITS NOT WORKING!

I checked the crystals, using it on another rc, and they are fine.
I checked the transmitter and they are also working.
I checked the voltage on the battery connector and they are fine.
The servo sometimes twitches when turned on (on a working rc this always twitches to neutral position).
I had it for a week but was only able to run it twice and for only a total of 3 minutes since it would simply stop moving.

One of the O-rings on the shocks is broken.
When I first picked up the transmitter it rattled, I checked the battery holder and there is a small spring and washer that I don't know where to place nor where it came from.
The transmitters EPA requires tremendous amount of force to turn. It was stuck.

I can deal with the design issue wherein the tie rod used was not flexible, making it absorb the stress instead of the shock assembly. It also limits front shock movement to half compared with rear shocks.

The i-waver has a problem with it and its so frustrating, after going through all the hassle, to end up not being able to use it after all…

2007.12.22, 11:57 AM
sorry to hear about your bad luck.....
Im curious as to why you didnt buy a Kyosho?

2007.12.23, 08:51 PM
sorry to hear about your bad luck.....
Im curious as to why you didnt buy a Kyosho?
I'm sorry for your terrible experience. For me, i've had good experience with them so far. I also pay through paypal.

Mind you, for your country, they only have paypal and western union due to some issues about credit card safety.

It's a very busy time of the year that's why it takes them time to reply. Usually takes 2 days for their customer service rep Miu to reply.

I didn't expect the 05 to have so many bugs. I hope fangel can shine us some light.

2007.12.24, 01:20 AM
me too, i had no problem before dealing with them.

2007.12.25, 03:05 AM
I have placed 3 orders totaling over $1000 and have not had a single issue with their delivery or the quality of the product. Seems as though you got a "Friday car". Mine, so far, have all been Wednesday cars.

2007.12.25, 03:16 AM
sorry to hear about your bad luck.....
Im curious as to why you didnt buy a Kyosho?
Your joking!
$120 for a bare chassis vs. $50 for a RTR with a brilliant transmitter.
When all you're going to do is pull them to bits and put on the same aftermarket hotups. I'll take the firelap everytime.
I can't pick between the quality of the new firelaps and my "genuine" 02's, only difference is brakes. My modded firelap is as quick if not quicker than my 02 with identical mods and setup.
That means I can by a firelap and put in bearings, ball diff, H-plate, damper, FET's, motor and tyres and still be cheaper than a stock "02" and have a fully programmable transmitter with 10 model memory as well.
You do the math.

2007.12.25, 04:29 AM
i got an iwaver b4 i got my mini zs i broke my iwaver in the first 5 min of driving on rcp track.......needless to say i now own 4 minizs......2 full spec mods 1 stock and a awd :D

2007.12.25, 04:57 AM
ToyEasts service is a bit dodgy and uncoordinated. I'd ordered two VsTANK*R sets from them. They shipped before time, but took a while for processing. However, the quality is crap; these tanks simply wont turn in some directions and the tracking is way off even after extensive correction. Playability wise they are utterly useless.

What's worse is that within a month, one of my tanks stopped functioning, so I contacted their customer service lady called Miu. She assured me that the faulty tank would be replaced and asked me to mail it to their office. I did that, but some customer service rep called May incharge of replacements tells me that they dont replace defective products after 2 months (Note: My tank malfucntioned within a month and I'd immediately intimated them about it).

At this I pointed out that I was asked to send the defective item by their employee and that their website & product description guarantees 1 year replacement gurantee, so what they're doing is tantamount to fraud. I also forwarded this email to other departments and the person in charge of their operations. In reply they acknowledged the errors on Miu's part and their 1 year warranty clause was incorrectly advertised (it was supposed to be 2 months). I guess, somewhere along the line they realised that my tank had broken down within 2 months and so they sent me a replacement tank, which came here pretty quickly. Unfortunately, even their new tank has tracking problems and wont turn in certain directions.

In conclusion, their service is utterly uncoordinated and the products manufactured in their factories suck greasemonkey balls. However, they are cheap and quick with shipping. Besides no other online shop ships stuff here as quick (or does ship at all for that matter) as them. So I find no harm in ordering from them as log as you're going to buy stuff like Kyosho or anything that isn't manufactured by them. I haven't seen how good Iwaver is by the way. Most people consider the new 02Ms to be well built. But after having witnessed VsTank*Rs quality, I won't have the courage to fork out 100 quid for their Iwaver lineup.

2007.12.25, 06:04 AM
I thought this was a mini R/C forum and specifically an iWaver thread.
I'm sure you can open a bitch forum about your tanks in the general R/C area.
I love my IR pro's. They're not full tilt Tamiya battle system but they do what they say. If you want good tanks than you have to pay BIG $.
Maybe you should go back to playing with toys that have instructions.

2007.12.25, 07:22 AM
^ And you should give a common sense quiz before hitting the reply button. He raised some issues with quality and customer service and hence I shared my experiences about the same. I believe I was on topic in that respect. This isn't a rant about my malfunctioning VsTANK*Rs, but since you so spectacularly failed to get the gist of my post, I'll dumb it down to your level:

(1) Cheap products tend to have QC issues, malfunctions are to be expected. (2) Although ToyEast has sub par customer service, a little bit of coercion gets things done. (3) Good shipping and price esnures that I'll continue shopping with them.

Now, was that so hard to get?

By the way, stop being a fanboy and give up attacking people for disagreeing with you. I'm sure that I can take the decision of switching over to 'toys with instructions' on my own accord. So thanks, but no thanks.

2007.12.26, 08:57 PM
I've never had any issues with ToyEast, nor RC Mart, or anybody else for that matter.

2007.12.26, 11:16 PM
if this discussion can not continue without respect, it will remain closed. for now it's closed for a day.