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2007.12.22, 03:14 PM
Would like to show you my newest project. My Miss America Micro-T
This has full alloy chassis with a mixture of parts and colors. Silver chassis from HR, and blue and red alloy from 3Racing and GPM. Powered by a Team Losi brushless motor and speed control, and a Spektrum 3500 receiver.
Custom body painted by Monkybrainz at MicroTForum.com
Here's the chassis.
Let me know what you think! I love it! Still waiting on the servo savor, but other than that it's ready to go!

2007.12.22, 03:28 PM
you have too much money :eek:
thats sweet,how good is the motor?

2007.12.22, 04:20 PM
Sweet looks nice!

2007.12.22, 07:55 PM
LOL! Actually, I don't have alot of money. This project took nearly a year to gather up parts. The electronics I got from dad, and the body was painted by a friend at another forum as I mentioned. The motor seems good for what little I've used it. It's only been used to proove that it works and to set up the system with the Spektrum radio. I'm still waiting for the servo savor to arrive at local hobby shop. Then I can finish it, charge it, and let it rip! All'n'all I think if you add up all the parts and electronics, you probably could have bought five stock Micro-T's! But why do that when you can have one really cool Micro!

2007.12.22, 10:07 PM
one of your best themed projects! very nice looking :cool:

2007.12.23, 10:14 AM
Thanks arch, these Micro-T's are highly addictive. This was third in recent collection. I traded a Micro-Baja for the MR15 and I'm keeping the second one. The second one has every hop-up available from 3Racing and plans are to strip it and have the parts gold plated. Sounds a bit much I know, but it will be a shelf queen and will be pretty sweet looking. I plan on getting a special display case for the gold one.
Right now, Miss America will be a runner as soon as I get that servo savor.
I also thought about doing a Mini-Z Monster truck to match the Miss America Micro-T as well.
Miss America will be a keeper forever! Way too much invested in it to let it go!

2007.12.23, 02:12 PM
marc, that is some amazing bling, lol... Good color choices on the chassis too!

2007.12.23, 03:19 PM
Thank you, it is my favorite Micro-T so far and I enjoy it! Looks great with the tooth pick flags dont' it?

2007.12.27, 07:53 PM
Will be doing another Micro-T project soon. Remember my MR02 Mini-Z Goldmember? Well, he will be re-incarnated as a Micro-T. I just ordered a bunch of silver HR alloy and I've got a local guy who can gold plate the aluminum for me. So, look here for progress pic's on the building of GoldMember 2!