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2007.12.23, 11:07 PM
Hi there Fangel (just love that handle).
I have been an R/C racer for over 25 years and have recently gone the micro road with a vengeance.
As well as a few Kyosho's I've bought several Firelaps and have just ordered a few new iWavers with some options (some tanks and other bits too). I was wanting to get some 27mhz FM receivers. Will these be available?
I am so impressed by the AM unit which came with my Nanoracers and Nanodragons I am waiting for the FM Unit and also the 3 channel unit for the boats and nitro stuff (you use ch3 for mixture). I find the radio a better all round unit than my normal street unit (JR XS3 40-FM) and easier than my spectrum to set up. Congratulations on the brand "rebirth" the product seems to be of great quality. Looking forward to the iWaver cars.
Can I get spare PCB units for my nanoracers also? Mistakes happen!

Thanx again for your fantastic support and I wish you the best with your products in the future.
If I can assist in any way I'd be happy to help if I can. (I am a qualified civil geotechnical and electronic engineer as well as several computing and arts degrees)

BTW I ordered a 40mhz unit and a few extra receivers to try them.

2007.12.26, 10:41 PM
We will be selling the FM 27Mhz soon. I'm glad that you like the AFM transmitter series.
By reading your post, I would assume that you have the new AFM3 TX that allow 3 channel control. I would believe that our AFM series is a great deal for the price, especially if you buy it with NanoDragon and NanoRacers.
We are trying to breath some second life into the Firelap and iwaver brand. I have been pushing the development team and factory team to improve and up keep the quality so more fellow racer will benefit from this product.
My current goal is to bring the 1/28 scale R/C to the mass, so people from all range of skill level and price range could enjoy the racing excitement.

We are still planning on releasing the TX plus chassis PCB as a set for both AFM2 and iwaver INT020. But currently it's still a planning in progress since most of the PCB is going into production of more RTR set.

We will love and welcome you to join in to our communities and I would personally love for any help and comments to help drive the product improvement.