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2007.12.26, 09:23 PM

I have two F1's, and both started acting very oddly on my last bashing party with some friends. None of us being very experienced with the cars, you couldn't call it "racing" at this point. Both cars now have broken rear wings - LOL! Otherwise, they ran fine for most of the night until *the problem* occurred. Being late at night when it happened, we gave up directly.

The problem is similar to some posts I saw on this forum dated about a year ago or more: the cars seems to run fine for a few seconds, but upon turning left as far as the wheel would go, it would "stick" there and not center itself again. A manual push of the wheels or a good bump into the bumpers of the RCP and the wheels would pop back to center, but every time now it repeats this - you turn it over far enough to the one direction and it sticks. Both cars have the exact symptoms.

It seems very much electronics related to me. The cars are nearly new with only some minor hop-ups: alloy tie rods, alloy steering knuckles, soft grippy slicks and new wheels (non-alloy), and that's basically it. The cars are both the Ferrari F2005's and one just has the mclaren body kit thrown on.

My guess is that the "steering pot" could likely be in need of tweaking, but wanted to see if I'm on the right track by throwing this out to you all as a question: why would both cars exhibit the same problems in short succession?

When I first bought the steering knuckles and tie rods, the tie rods both had minor imperfections in the holes - just some metal burrs which I filed away easily enough. Before noticing them and putting the cars together, I noticed the wheels would stick to one side due to this imperfection... simple enough to fix. This is almost the very same type of symptom, but the tie rods seem fine now that I've filed 'em.

I'd also like to know what some of you do on a regular basis for maintenance on these cars? I mean - after running them for a good afternoon/evening on the track, do you fully disassemble and clean the cars from top to bottom? I'm just wondering how concerned to be since they're only ever run on the RCP track - never on carpet or concrete.

Any thoughts/advice would certainly be appreciated,


2007.12.27, 06:02 AM

I have had this problem before and it was actually something stuck in the servo gears. One of my f1's had a small piece of rock stuck in the servo gear. Be careful when you clean this area. I had to replace the servo gears because of the "manual moving if the wheels" back to center. The servo gear had a few bent teeth from the small rock. I have also had pieces of rcp stuck in there as well. By the way the "rock" was smaller than a pin head.
Hope that may help.


2007.12.27, 06:58 AM
Happens all the time to my cars running on newer RCP tracks...even just a little bit of dust can foul the gear mesh at the steering servo. ;)

2007.12.29, 12:51 AM
I'm certainly glad I posted - you guys nailed it. I finally took the beast apart this evening and sure enough - it had a bunch of little RCP bits inside the gears and inside the small openings where the servo motor sits. I'll try to attach an image or two.

Now that I have it apart, I'm fairly sure that there are a few gear fins that are damaged - moving the gears with my fingers I can tell that some areas move smoothly, others are ragged and hard to get by. I've cleaned what I can visually see and it's still a bit nasty.

When I looked at the replacement delrin servo gears, they look like they come in a pack of the 3 gear pieces, but disassembled. I'm looking at this little set and am having difficulty seeing how it's going to get back together once it's apart. Does it just snap apart then snap back together? Any word on how durable the delrin ones are? Guess I'll be buying a few replacement sets - they're only a few bucks each.

Thanks a lot for pointing this out - I was starting to work on the tie rods again, thinking that I must have missed something...


2007.12.29, 01:59 AM
Just thought I'd add a bit more detail for those like me who haven't done this before - the specs of RCP dust were SUPER small - those gears are tiny! I used a pin to clear away the dust - and it wasn't a quick job. Blowing on the gears didn't seem to do anything (the bits were obviously jammed in there from being squished between the gears so many times). Maybe using some compressed air might have worked, had I any to use... or possibly dunking the whole thing under the tap.

When I put it back together, getting the gearbox and the two little pieces that fit in front of it back in line and then seated back into place was a tad tricky operation as well. There's an wired electronic piece (called what, I don't know?) that gets sandwiched between the gearbox and an even smaller little plastic fitting. These three pieces all together need to be maneuvered into place inside the housing of the body where there are some form-fitted-slots for them... and while they do fit - getting those and the thin little wires situated in the right places was touchy. Lots of patience, delicate handling and a needle-nosed tweeser to make sure those cables were lined up right got me back together. Certainly an eye opener!

I'm too tired to do the second F1 tonight - tomorrow, tomorrow...

2007.12.31, 09:07 PM
The wired piece has a green an orange wire is the pot. Make sure it is clean too or your car will have some isues steering as well. Buy some electrical contact cleaner spray, or motor cleaner. My local autoparts store has contact cleaner very cheap.

2007.12.31, 09:38 PM
That's good advice from wes. Just make sure if you do get some sort of spray cleaner or lube you have the pot away from the plastic chassis. There are some sprays that won't cloud the plastic and make it brittle but it's better to be safe than replacing a chassis.

By the way, good pics. It's nice to see someone using the macro function :rolleyes: