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2007.12.27, 10:42 AM
Cruizin with RC's has spent some time to change the layout of their track. Be sure to stop by and practice a little. Its a bit more technical. It has also been altered to allow a convertible "tri-oval" configuration. I cant wait to try that.
The photos on their website (click racing/more once there) are of the previous layout. I will shoot new ones and post when I can. The old photos show the new spectator background and the duel level layout. (which was saved for the new layout)

Visit the website (http://www.cruizinrc.com)

2008.02.09, 11:02 PM
Cruizin with RC's has changed the layout of their track. Be sure to stop by and practice a little. It has a series of different length straights, all connected by hairpins. It also maintains the convertible "tri-oval" configuration with a change to tri-oval in less than a minute. We played with the tri-oval a little, and its alot of fun. C'mon down!:D:D

Visit the website (http://www.cruizinrc.com)

2008.03.24, 08:19 PM
A new layout is brewing... It was started late Monday, and should be finished tomorrow (Tuesday). Matt!! We need parts!! :eek: Be sure to check it out. Only 3 hairpins instead of 6, this time around. Throw in a couple of S turns, and 3 sweeping 90's and you have it!:cool:

Chicken Little
2008.03.27, 11:31 PM
The new track layout is really fun although I did like the 0.5 version of it. I think the sweeping turns made for a fast and plenty lap course while the newer refined version is mixture of a few track layouts from before.

Simply put, it's fun! :)

2008.03.28, 06:35 AM
Ok, so the initial change reported above was also updated. This layout has it all. 4 hairpins in sucession,:eek: a short straight underneath the elevated straight, 4 - 90's, a sweeping S, and 2 elevated straights with ramps.

Try it.. if you dare. :D

Chicken Little
2008.03.28, 10:43 AM
WHAT!? :eek:

2008.04.03, 07:09 AM
lets see some pics:D

2008.04.03, 10:29 AM
lets see you race it .. :)

2010.12.12, 09:40 AM
I raced there last night and here are photos of the layout:



Cruizin runs a variety of classes, I especially enjoy the 90mm 70T Narrow class. My car is the VW Beetle starting last and EMU is the Blue Mini Cooper starting in Thrid(Winner). Nobody seems to traction roll with these over there. See video: A-Main Narrow 90mm (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n42_Ih2qEts)