View Full Version : Hi! New member here!

2007.12.28, 02:31 PM
Hi there! I'm new to the forum (although I have been reading it for quite a while)

I have a few quick questions:
1. Is there a new members section somewhere?
2. Where are the rules? I would gladly read them but all I can find is the FAQ! The search box doesn't help me either...

P.S. I own a stock overland (desert tan hummer H1)

-Marko ;)

2007.12.28, 03:56 PM
Come to think of it we don't have a "new members" section. We do have a members section. You can make your intro there if you want.

There are no rules set in stone for the discussion forums. We do have rules for the ASK forums and the For Sale forum. Other than that we just moderate all the forums and only usually delete spam threads.

You'll find lots of info in the Overland forum. I believe it has the most posts.


2007.12.29, 03:41 PM
Welcome to the forums.

There's a sort of unspoken set of laws (no flaming, links to offensive things, ads for competitors stores, etc).

Basically, if you didn't want one of your parents reading it, you probably shouldn't post it :D