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2007.12.31, 02:35 PM
What would you like to see in a 1/28, 1/24 open class car? Using the Hudra body for the Sinister. As long as it fits that body what type of suspension would you like to see, what electronics, battery placement. Motor mount. EVERYTHING!!! lol


2007.12.31, 02:44 PM
How about an AWD?

2007.12.31, 02:50 PM
OK. What would you like to see in an awd? I am not talking about a mini z. I am talking about a new concept car. A completely new design working with the hurda body:)


2008.01.21, 07:32 PM
Since the title is "Your idea's", I'd like to share one of my dream projects.
There used to be an HO scale slot car that had turnable wheels to change lanes. If I could find this, I'd love to build an RC car out of it. We do have micro-electronics small enough for the project, but some parts maybe more difficult to do. It might not have a differential, and it might not have much of a suspension. Could use ZipZap or similar front springs up front, and maybe some sort of flexable H-plate type rear suspension, but that would be it. There are single cell Lipo batteries that are small enough and could be doubled up to provide power. Spektrum and a few other companies I think make really tiny receiver's and speed controllers for airplanes, but nothing with reverse.
What do you guy's think?

2008.01.22, 06:47 AM
^ Marc, what would be the point of that? A steerable slot car?

Cody, sorry I never replied to your inqury. I was thinking an AWD with similar set up characteristics to the current Kyosho model, but with a much lower CG, and the oppertunity to run lower sitting bodies. With a low CG I think high speed handling would be hugely improved.

2008.01.22, 11:08 AM
No, it would be full RC with micro receiver and speed control, and custom steering servo.

2008.01.26, 08:37 AM
I have some ideas ill be developing:

Oval chassis MR-02
Tire warmers
Tire allignment stand
Car stand