View Full Version : Li-Po Batteries & Chargers & Dischargers? Whats all this??

2008.01.04, 04:29 AM

Im getting dizzy here. I've looked for a better battery for my monster truck. I know these forums are mainly for Mini-Z's etc but I guess the same equipment is available no matter the scale or size of the car. So I guess size doesn't matter after all :p

So I found a Li-Po with high mAh and sweet voltage and a great prize too:


Now I just don't know what else I need, well obviously a charger but there are like million different and the prize range is from 50-200 dollars.. :mad:

I only need a simple charger that - well charger the battery..I don't want to pay for all the million other tasks that are less important or are they? I found a cheap charger for Li-Po but can I use it, do I need something else?? Here is the one I looked at:


Sorry the site is in finnish, Im from finland myself..so what about discharger, what is that and do i need one? It obviously discharges the battery but why would anyone need that? Keeps the battery in better condition?

Then there is some Li-Po balancer or something like that..oh man this is getting frustrating..I hope someone can help me a lot here. I only want a maximum power and maximum durability with 7.4V battery for my car.

Surely I also like to take good care of that Li-Po battery if I buy one so that it s lifespan is as long as possible, but I don't know what I have to do and what I can't do etc..please help a stupid man out here... :D

2008.01.04, 08:38 AM
The battery you linked is a 2 series 2 parallell 7.4v battery. You need a charger capable of charging that particular configuration, like this (http://www.atomicmods.com/Products/Lithium-74V--500mAh-Charger__10040.aspx) (this charger doesn't have the right connector though). Since you don't have a lot of cells here, balancing probably isn't that big of a deal, but don't quote me on that. You do not need a discharger. If you completely discharge a lithium battery you will damage it. Never allow your lithium to completely discharge. Some batteries include a low voltage cut off circuit to protect against this.

2008.01.06, 12:09 AM
Thank you a7i20ci7y! That was some useful information.

I still hope for confirmation to balancing and also if someone can suggest a good set of items that I need when moving from NiCd to Li-Po battery technology.

I don't need too many features from charger or the items, just a good prize/quality.

Thank you all :)