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2008.01.04, 06:02 AM

How often does toyeast get items restocked because me and few of my friends are maybe ordering firelap's but as we looked and thought that we might order some spares/upgrades at the same time (we live in finland so the shipment costs is so much) we notice that many are out of stock :(

By the way, what is the width of the rims that come with firelap RTR?

These are the items we look forward to:

-Well all the alum. parts that are plastic in RTR and can be replaced.
-eco motor.
-rims other than blue and red :D
-metallic e-rings for A01400664

is the steering plate that comes with RTR alum. or plastic? and what does degree mean in that part?

Thank you. :p

2008.01.06, 07:59 PM

Thank you for your interest with our product.
Our factory is current has their hands full on making RTR set before they closed for Chinese New Year Hoilday, in China this is a big deal since almost all of the factory is closed for nearly 1 month, so no additional production will be produce. So we really don't have a restock schedual yet.

The rims width that comes with the RTR is Narrow and Semi-wide.

We are currently sourcing another supplier for the NR2 metallic parts, so in the mean time 3racing might be a better choice.
As for the Eco motor, I would like to ask if you are asking i-plus motor or i-pro motor?
NR2 can upgrade to i-plus motor with no out additional effort, however the i-pro will work much more efficiently with FET upgrade.
I'm sorry to inform you that we do not have metallic e-rings for NR2, however other e-rings might work, but I have not tested them for fitting.
The steering plate that comes with the RTR is plastic, and it comes with -2, 0 (installed) and +1 for Toe in and out adjustment.

2008.01.07, 01:01 AM

Very good service and complete answer as always, Im happy to see peoples in this forum are very nice and everything works great :)

I meant the eco motor that comes with kyoshos RTR package and is slower than original motor.
Unfortunately I don't know what is i-plus nor i-pro. I feel like I have to clear one thing though..Im not looking for more speed than what the stock motor provides, the reason why I am asking for an eco motor is the fact that we are planning on building a track that might be most fun with slower motor than stock motor.

I don't like the idea of racing with huge speeds where racing lines has no matter what so ever, so we are planning on taking a little different approach than what is commonly used :p

We are in no rush to order because all this is still on paper and nothing has been done yet so I think we wait and see what toyeast gets to stock when holidays etc are over.

Do you have any idea of how the shipments to finland goes with toyeast? Any past experience? Im referring to customs, we have alv 22% in finland so Im curious if anything can be done and if it works if I choose "50%" and "gift" when ordering.

Thank you :)

2008.01.07, 05:05 AM
Thanks for your complement, I'll remember that people in the community are always friendly.

I never knew about the ECO motor, we don't have these kind for Firelap. We base our racer on what most of the community wants. "SPEED", so we never looked the other way.
I would agree with you that racing lines are very important, I tried to drive my racer the same way, I always try to cut for the curve and not bounce around a bend.

i-plus and i-pro are upgrade motor that provide more speed, which is something you are not looking for. I'm really not sure when it will be back in stock, I'll try to remember to inform you when it does happen.

As for Shipment to Finland is kinda unique, we have one long time customer that always buys at around $50-70 USD per order and mark it as "gift" and "60%". While many people with orders over $100 USD tends to mark as "Gift" and "100%".
I'm not sure if the above information helps.