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2008.01.04, 01:26 PM
hey guys, i got a black f150 for xmas, broke it and bought alot f alloy:

rear gearbox/motor holder
rear motor heatsink
rear gear cover
front knuckles
front underguard
3racing alloy shock

then i also got wide 40degree tires all round, and in the mail i have a green clear skeleton chassis. but i wanted to ask what i should do to it next. im going to try and build a trailer to haul, and im gettin a comand logic light set.
also, i want a new motor thats good for offroading... i want to make it a trailrig and drive round the garden.
oh and btw, are most mzm and overland parts the same? ive looked at chassis pics of an mzm and it would apear the only different parts are the battery clips, wheels, and wheelie bar at the back (oh and body obviously)


2008.01.04, 06:11 PM
No, the Overland and Monster are quite different chassis wise. They do have the same basic design, but the Monster has a wider footprint. The axles and gears are larger on it next to the Overland parts. The front and rear cases and links are beefier. About the only common parts are the shocks and main tub. It can be hard to tell just from the pictures, but there are alot of different parts here. If you put the OL wheels and tires on a Monster chassis you will see that they would stick way out. The hub on the Monster wheels are in about the middle of the wheel, the Overland is at the inside edge of the wheel.


2008.01.05, 04:21 AM
oh ok thanks, what about what sort of motor i should put in there (not stacking fets btw)

2008.01.11, 10:46 AM
sorry for the double post :o
i heard from someone who bought an overland, and they have an awd stock motor in theres- what else would i need in it if i got one (neo magnets etc)

2008.01.11, 02:15 PM
You would't need anything but the fastest motor I've ran on stock fets is the speedy07 BB.It's a great motor in my opinion.

2008.01.12, 08:28 AM
ok thanks, im probs going to leave the motor now and buy more alloy and having a bullet-proof truck. thanks for the help