View Full Version : Limited Production Autoscale Body Numbers?

2008.01.04, 06:29 PM
Hi Tim,

I was wondering if you can tell me the various numbers of bodies that were produced for bodies that had a limited production.

The only body I have that is marked as such is the Black Murcielago which states that it is "1 of 3000".

Can you list any other bodies that you know of that are limited in this fashion and how many were produced?

Supposedly the chrome calsonic R32 and the blue union jack cooper are limited in this fashion but I have neither so I'm not sure how many were produced.


2012.12.25, 12:36 PM
I guess all these numbers are kept secret...

2012.12.25, 02:42 PM
Tim Johnson is no longer a rep for Kyosho, so I doubt he would know or have access to those numbers anymore...

2012.12.25, 08:34 PM
i asked if kyosho could provide a directory of all the autoscales released and if they new production numbers once as i was trying to build a comprehensive database. i was told simply they did not keep those kind of records. the short answer, they simply don't care to know and never cared to archive that data. of course it exists as production runs have to be ordered and product codes are singular thus knowable and traceable. this issue is simple, they didn't care to do so. as a result, unless someone on the inside cares enough to do the research, we will never know precisely what they have made and how much of it was made. it was at that point i shelved my project. i always hold out hope that others will take up the torch to continue to fact find and archive.

when you put it into context though, it's not surprising. kyosho jpn has made it clear the u.s. market is nothing more than an afterthought for mini-z. we do not drive the market, the home market does. we may have some influence as seen in past polls issued by kyosho (last one was prior to release of c5-r). as much as i am very greatful to kyosho usa for their existence and participation, i'm not clear on how much influence they have with the home market. i don't think a representative has ever been interviewed and asked these sort of questions. at least not to my recollection.