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2008.01.05, 08:31 AM

2008.01.05, 08:42 PM
Here is another pic.

motor pod (http://www.rckenon.com/public_html/shop2/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=3474)

2008.01.05, 10:17 PM
Here is another pic.

motor pod (http://www.rckenon.com/public_html/shop2/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=3474)

Nice, looks like they just released the mount today.. It's good to see that It's finally available.. I had heard about this motor mount coming out a little while back.. It looks like from the pics that the motor lays horizontally like the stock motor mount instead of vertically like other mounts out there.. Allowing for a lower center of gravity... I'm sure this mount will be the same exceptional quality as other PN products.. I'll definately be picking this one up..

2008.01.05, 10:46 PM
i love pn motor mounts as much as the next guy but $39 is steep enough to keep me on the fence :( i'm sure in time i'll get the orange one (pn should ALWAYS be orange, it's iconic pn).

thanks for info and links!

i'd really like to see pictures of one installed;)

2008.01.06, 01:13 AM
I was out at the kenon track today and got my hands on one. It's very cool.

I also have the atomic mount.

Here's a quick review....

Price: Same as atomic, $39 but...

With the atomic mount, you have to cut the body where the springs go. So, there are no side damper springs with the atomic mount. You have to buy the disk damper. To use the atomic mount, you have to add another $26.

With the PN mount, you have spring holders built rite in, just like the plastic mount. So, you don't have to run a disk dampener if you don't want to. This feature alone makes PN the clear winner in my book. You have to cut the F1 body to get the disk dampener to fit. With the PN mount you have a choice to not run the disk dampener. You can if you want, but I don't. I don't think you need it with the side springs.

Quality: PN wins this one. Atomic is usually very good, but my F1 Atomic mount came with the wrong screws and the post that holds the disk dampener stripped out.

The PN Quality is top notch. Everything you need is included, and everything fits perfectly.

Innovation: PN wins this one too. With the atomic mount, to adjust the rear wing, you have to remove the motor, with the PN the screws are on the outside making track side adjustments easy.

With the atomic mount, the motor is at an angle and can get in the way of the D.D. post. You can get the motor out of the bottom of the Atomic mount, but it's a royal PITA.

With the PN mount, the motor mounts flat. There is an extra piece that attaches to the motor. No more trying to get the motor screws into the motor while holding the whole car. Once you attach the small part to the motor you slide the whole thing into the bottom and the mounting screws are on the bottom.

This may not seem like a big deal until you actually do it once. I found myself saying "wow, that was easy". A big plus when you are trying to change out pinions track side in a hurry. Also, this setup helps get the pinion just rite becouse you are sliding a machined part back and forth on it's rails and not just moving the motor.

One more thing about this aproach: With the atomic mount, you have to be careful not to let the motor rub on the ground. The PN mount is a no brainer, you can't get it wrong.

The flat layout also gives you a much lower CG.

I haven't put them on the scale yet. But they guys at Kenon told me that the PN F1 mount is exactly the same weight as it's plastic counter part. I don't know what the atomic weighs, but I think it's more when you factor in the D.D.

Bottom line, I'm sold. Anyone want to buy a used atomic mount? :D

2008.01.06, 04:37 AM
Nice review, I'm surprised you already have it, lol... It's about time somebody made the motor adjustable from the bottom of the car.

(The upcoming MRCG has this feature too, in a slightly different way. Shameless plug. :o )

2008.01.06, 08:44 AM
Good review rharris. I been thinking about getting the atomic mount but didn't for the same reasons that U described about it. And now that PN came out with one that is by far seems better I'm picking one up.

2008.01.06, 06:20 PM
Great review. I'll have to pick one up myself.

2008.01.06, 10:59 PM
Nice review, I'm surprised you already have it, lol

Yea, They just came in and I was at the track yesterday. I was in the rite place at the rite time.

I put some pics and more details in this other thread:


2008.01.07, 01:19 AM
pics pls... :D

2008.01.07, 01:33 AM
pics pls... :D

try this:


2008.01.07, 02:15 AM
thanks and cool review... :D

2008.01.17, 11:22 AM
Thanks, I just got a new F1 and was thinking about upgrading it. I saw the PN motor mount and was wondering about it, glad somebody did a review on it. I wonder how PN got the alloy to weigh the same as plasitc. I always thought it was heavier. Now I know what to get for my F1 when fund's become available, thanks!

2008.01.19, 04:15 PM
I've had the mount for about a week now but have not run it yet. It is very

easy to work with and install, it did not have a screw for the rear shock but

it is just a standard machine screw. The one thing I like about it is that it

puts the motor so much lower, it actually sits below the chassis.

So whose had a chance to run with it yet? Did you notice any handling

improvements from the lower cog?

2008.01.19, 04:20 PM
I forgot to mention that I did have to file on my body a little bit but nothing

major. You cant even see it from the out side. This is on a Ferrari body, is it

the same on the McClaren?

2008.02.10, 02:26 PM
I found a design flaw in the mount this last weekend on my ferrai 2005 body:(

It hits the top of the mount in the left front right behind the spring holder. The mount is L shaped right there and should be at a 45 angle. I angled the mount here ~ 3mm, and removed some material from the top inside of the body. The left foot mount for the flex plate also hit the body and needed cut back also. If the mount is 45ed there no material would need to be removed from the body.

I ruined a day of racing before I found the cause of my no side bite on my car. It does have enough adjustment in the gear mesh to run a Mr02 spur gear to allow more rear traction:)

Art Shull

2008.02.29, 02:40 PM
Same deal with the 248.

Also the 248s wing actually touches the diff gear lol. You'd have to extend it out or use the top wing mount part to mount on the mount. If that makes any sense lol.


2008.02.29, 05:04 PM
The MP4-19 body actually hits the diff gear, and it has nothing to do with the mount. Yup that's right, I said BODY. The fin toward the back will hit under full compression. Especially with F1, there are so many places were parts and bind, drag, hit, etc. all of which will make for a poor handling car.

2008.03.01, 09:10 PM
I ended up using a t bar mount to move it further back and mr02 plates to run the 64ps.

If you are running an 06, one of those plastic mounts would work perfectly. Well you can't go all the way down lol. :)

http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/7015/img4613ar8.th.jpg (http://img90.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img4613ar8.jpg)