View Full Version : 27 Mhz remote control help ?

2008.01.05, 01:01 PM
HI, I am amateur of wireless
I would to built an simpl project of 27Mhz radio remote control of quartz with important distanc
I am thinking to use one transistor like an rf reciever than amplificat the signal by amp.op
please, have you some Ideas or any projects you did before
thank you

2008.01.05, 04:25 PM
I've seen a few pages of simple designs like this one. (http://members.shaw.ca/novotill/RcCarsSimple/index.htm) that are interesting.

I guess you know that most designs get all the amplification they need from just a second transistor, so what is the idea to try an op-amp?

I would like to try making an IR rc control unit for indoor micro sized planes but that's down on a very long list of ideas I'll probably never get around to. Here's what I mean: IR RC - very small! (http://www.didel.com/slow/mirted/MIRz.html)

I have also played with 433Mhz RF for telemetry from 1/10th scale model cars and slot cars.

Please keep us updated!