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2008.01.05, 04:15 PM
Just a couple things I had in mind, feel free to add to this thread, or if you think some of the parts aren't needed...

The first thing I had in mind is a thicker upper deck, with stronger rear section where the body posts attach. My rear body posts flex a lot because it's a tiny piece of carbon fibre that holds them (maybe make it wider?) I've tried moving the body posts to the front position, but then it's a pain to take the battery pack out of the car. If you create a new upper deck for the new disc damper, maybe add this into the design?

The second is somehow to redesign the servo saver/steering mechanism so that the servo horn doesn't hit the upper suspension plate (right now my front end is all shimmed). Also the hex nuts on the servo saver seem to come loose all the time. I just feel the steering mechanism could be smoother without the threaded tie rod.

Lastly, I find a little bit of flex in the lower chassis between the servo and battery where the chassis gets narrow. I have yet to break a chassis, so I'm not too worried.

These are just my personal suggestions... I'm sure there are plenty of reasons to disagree :) I really hope more people contribute their thoughts about the Sinister... It's how racers and customers can help develop a better car! Thanks!


2008.01.07, 09:44 AM
Thanks a lot for your comments.

In fact we have not many reasons to disagree :)

As you might observed we are company which is in continues progress for improvement. With each batch we are adding new features and small touches to our products without interfering current customers.

For example the point you've mentioned about the chasis already revised and we have a little thicker places around servo now.

Or we have started to release new steering systems with a locknut, instead of a nut.

Or after we get questions about steering assmebly we've immediately prepared and article and posted.

This doesn't mean that we have reached ultimate position but at least we are listening and working on every single feedback.

We are working on a total new differential and sterring system and hopefully they will be released with messe.

Meanwhile the point you've mentioned about rear posts mentioned first and we'll see what we can do about it.

Thanks again for your comments and feedback