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2008.01.07, 03:20 PM
Hey Guys.
Im new to the sport and have a few questions that i urgently need answered!!

Firstly, i live in South Africa and it appears that it is quite hard to attain mini z parts, but there is a distributor for Iwaver products, so, my question is; is the iwaver 02M a worthy alternative to the mini z? i understand the mini z may be considered better quality, but is the iwaver capable of comfortably competing with the mini z??

Also in South Africa we are only receiving the 02M 2008 model in 6 weeks, so my question is, should i wait for that model or should i just jump in and go for the 2007 model, im itching to get started, so in other words does the 2008 offer an upgrade that is really worth waiting for....?

Appreciate your help!!

2008.01.08, 12:07 AM

I welcome you to the forum on behalf of the community, I would love to help you with your questions.

I know that it has been tough for fellow racer living in South Africa to buy Mini-Z parts or RTR set, basically all of the purchase has to be done online and oversea. The distributor will be carrying most of our product and parts so there would be continuous support for racer there.

I believe that iwaver 02M should not be consider a alternative, since it has many improvement and design break through that was unheard of in the 1/28 scale racer. Mini-Z has been having a reputation to be the standard in both quality and performance, but as many forum member will tell you that stock iwaver 02M could not only race along side of stock mini-z but also beat them. You could see the event detail and race video using the below link.

The difference between the 2007 and 2008 version is with the electronics. Both the transmitter and chassis PCB has been upgraded. The transmitter now power by Inopo has much more fine tune ability, with these you could tweak your ride performance according to your racing needs. The chassis PCB has been upgraded so that it can with stand a faster motor with more power demand, and the range and interference has been tune down. So less problem when racing in an area with high radio noise.

If you ask me, I would believe waiting for the iwaver 02M 2008 version would be a better choice, not only will you be able to have all the electronics and performance upgrade, but you could have continuous support from your local distributor.

(PS. we are actually sold out of the 2007 version, and I don't recommend that you get it in other store.)

2008.01.08, 12:58 AM
Thanks Fangel I really appreciate your speedy response. I will heed your advice an wait it out for the 2008 model! a Red ford GT....Cant wait!

In chatting with a few people they believe the best few upgrades to start with would be; Bearings, Ball Diff and the I-Plus motor. do you agree with this advice?? How does the I-plus motor fair??

Thanks Again!! ;)

2008.01.08, 04:24 PM
fangel, also, will the 2008 electronics b capable of running the i pro motor standard, i.e. Without an FET upgrade? Thanks!

2008.01.10, 11:58 PM

I'm glad that you would agree to wait for the 2008, since it's only a few weeks away from arrival. Yes it is true that Bearing, Ball Diff and upgrade motor are the typical entry upgrade. These will impact on the performance directly.

However metallic upgrades are really worth the money, since it will toughen the overall chassis strength and decrees the chance of slight body roll and provide better suspension.

There is only a slight difference between i-plus and the iwaver upgrade motor performance wise. However the upgrade motor is equipped with motor plug which allow plug and play swapping for the 02M chassis, the i-plus motor would require some soldering works for it to work with 02M.

The new 08 electronics will be able to run the i-pro standard, however if you over stress it with wrong pinion gear setting or throttle control you might end up burning the FET, so I would only recommend the i-pro motor for upgraded PCB.

2008.01.11, 01:38 AM
hey Fangel. Myself and 2 other friends purchased 3 02ms and various upgrades from the store u work at, in response 2 ur xcellent service, trusting it all goes smoothly! Im a little apprehensive of online shopping, and this is my first purchase. Trust all goes well. Thanx a million

2008.01.11, 04:22 AM
Thanks, please feel free to email me personally if you need any assistance.

2008.01.11, 07:14 AM
hey fangel.

Your email address? can i just use edmond@toyeast.com cause explorer is not accepting the @ in east?

My order accepted payment, but now is not reflecting in order history?? any ideas?

Red Team
2008.01.11, 07:30 AM
I gues you don't have to worry your payment will be shown soon!

2008.01.11, 09:00 AM
I gues you don't have to worry your payment will be shown soon!

Thanks Red Team!!

Great to here, yus, im a little stressed, have you had this happen to yourself? i guess iv trusted fangels store, since they really seem pretty organised and honest..

Once again, Thanks.

by the way any tips for improving my long awaited Iwaver 02M 2008??

Red Team
2008.01.11, 09:26 AM
You're very welcome !

Yes, it was happened to me...somehow I guess there is not an automatic update between the payment and user account and it's done after somebody at the shop, check if everything it's all right with the money and gives the ok and then it shows on the user account. I repeat...this is my supposition of the delay between the payment and the account update...it's not necessary to be like that.

About improving your 02M, well...if you look on the other topics of this forum, you'll find a lot of useful informations regarding 02M, posted by more experienced members of this great forums.

I don't own one, though I bought 3 of them for my collegues at the club and I have 3 more coming. I oredered for myself a fully upgraded chasiss and I want to put on it Spinner esc, better servo and a small receiver..so totally independent electronics...no PCB ! I let everybody know how it will race !

2008.01.11, 09:37 AM
YUS Nice!!

does that fit on the normal iwaver chassis? space wise?

Red Team
2008.01.11, 10:04 AM
I think so...Spinner it's small enough, servo has it's own space, batteries the same....my only concern it's the receiver..beside the very small spektrum which I I know it will fit but I don't have yet, I have to find another small rx to fit in there...anyone who known a small receiver in 27Am, 27 Fm or 40FM would be more than welcome to put a link here.

2008.01.11, 12:07 PM
nice! Soz, no idea!

2008.01.13, 09:57 PM
I've replied to you in email about your order situation.

RedTeam is actually correct about the payment process. In ToyE@st.com if you pay with either credit card or paypal your payment accepted confirmation will show in order history in a very short period of time, but we will also hand check the payment detail to see if anything is wrong with it. Once your payment has been clear, we will start processing your order.

Cherub1m has actually done the upgrades for his 02M, I think he has the Spinner ESC and receiver as well, you could check his post out here.

I don't actually has a direct suggestion but, I know that the new Futaba receiver are actually quite small and thin and should work well with 02M.

2008.01.28, 02:06 PM
Hey Guys

If all goes well i should be receving my Iwaver O2M 2008 in the next day or two... i cant wait!! stay posted ill let you all know how things go.

Iv also ordered a good number of hop-up parts, aluminium etc.. and will let you know how they affecy performance.

Go well

2008.01.28, 07:52 PM
Please let me know how it turns out.
I hope you and your friend will like the iwaver 02M, the hop-up parts should provide additional strength and flexibility for the performance.

2008.01.30, 02:52 PM
Hey Guys, received my car!!

First impressions, absolutely amazing, the packaging of this product really is impressive 10/10!!

The car really seems impressive, the remote even better, the things like a computer :eek: ha ha. the car seems to have a really low centre of gravity and an incredibly tight turning circle, after installing the ball diff and bearings the car seems even better, lots of power at hand stock, in fact the power available combined with the handling really is impressive!!

my only gripe, is upon installing the AAA batteries my one battery did not sit well (really loose) so i removed it and as the battery came out so did the little metal prong that helps hold the battery in, so now i have a piece of aluminium foil holding the battery in :( guess im going to have to wait for money to buy a new battery tray.

a word must be said about ToyEast though, what a brilliant company!! Excellent service, great delivery. and thanks Fangel for all your excellent help.

Stay tuned for further reviews into my Iwaver experience...

This is Iwaver...

2008.01.30, 07:44 PM
I'm glad you like the new iwaver and our service.
I don't know what happen with your battery connector (the metal contact), but you should be able to fit it back into the battery box. Also by pushing or pulling on the metal contact lightly you can increase or decrease the tightness of the battery hold.
Battery size standard (AA, AAA, etc...) is actually quite loose, it range rather differently in circumference and in length(height).

2008.01.31, 05:02 AM
Thanks Fangel.

The metal prong didnt fall out as a unit, it actually broke off, the little spring metal fold broke away from the metal backplate. i believe it may have been stressed prior to my receiving, do they put batteries in for QC? the metal prong showed signs of stressing and as my batteries were put in it snapped off??

Thanks and be well

2008.01.31, 09:41 PM
I can't confirm about the how they QC each chassis, they might just connect the battery wire with external power source, since I believe the putting and removing the battery will take too much time. We do sell battery box seperatly.

2008.02.01, 01:32 AM
Ok. Go well