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2008.01.08, 09:22 AM
I would like to offer suggestions for improving your products

i have the following Maha chargers
MH-C9000 Wizard One

i would love to be able to port out the data via usb or whatever to a pc in order to track battery performance and or the ability to use that data to print labels for matching batteries.
this could be done with simple software that reads/saves the data from the charger and possibly lets you print selected data to standard avery labels. if thats not preferrable, then allow the data to be pasted into avery document templates via word, etc.

2008.01.08, 09:42 AM
I second that functionality!

and while the engineers are at it..how about graphing charts of the cycles?

2008.01.08, 10:26 AM
Thank you for your feedbacks. While this product is still fairly new in the market, our engineers are hard at work implementing new features on future models. Check back often at www.mahaenergy.com for the latest information.


2008.01.08, 10:48 AM
The problem Arch is that the Maha discharge current is not high enough for you to match batteries. While it is great to cycle, the rate is not enough to match packs. My guess its that it would take about a 3-5A discharge to get close to the demands we need. Without this, attempting to match them is pretty much useless.

So maybe as a suggestion/ request could be a higher discharge current feature for the charger. perhaps 3amps or so...

2008.01.08, 11:30 AM
very interesting additional info;) thanks for the contribution/suggestion.

can you perhaps go into more detail as to why that would make matching cells better? i'm no battery/charger expert :o