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2008.01.09, 06:04 PM
Hello there. This is the coolest micro-helicopter out there. This is a co-axial design helicopter from Walkera, and this thing actually flies! It really, really flys and flys well! It's not like some dumb Picco-Z that hovers around. I've taken pictures of it next to my Micro-T to show you just how small this helicopter is.
And now, my first video. Enjoy!

2008.01.10, 01:12 PM
Cool vid. Let's see some stunts.

Doesn't look like it is 3d capable? I wonder if any micros are?

Any updates on that airwolf marc?


2008.01.10, 01:48 PM
Hi there, the co-axial helicopter is NOT capable of any form of aerobatics what so ever. Just the nature of the heli. No updates on Airwolf other than the helicopter it's self is ready, but the nose peice on the fuselage needs work that I'm not sure how to do. Theres some CA glue that's made a bit of a mess when attaching a nose detail peice and the windows and it needs to be sanded down and the entire nose peice repainted.

2008.01.10, 02:38 PM
Had mine for couple of monts now. Great to fly around the room when taking a break on the computer. It was a hit at the office. Co-worker told me he saw videos on the net of that helicopter landing on a coke can. Another one was flying inside a car while it was moving. Another one was doing reverse figure 8's. For such a small helicopter, those stunts are very very difficult to do. So far I can only go from ground to a chair to simulate a real helicopter landing on a roof top.

2008.01.10, 02:50 PM
Well, if that's the kind of stunt's we're talking about then yea. I've taken off from the carpet, and landed on a near by desk. Then flew it across the work shop and ladned it on my work bench. Next feat is to take off downstairs, and fly it upstairs and into the living room and land on the coffee table. That would be cool. This is a fun little helicopter. Maybe I can try and jump the Micro-T over it while it's hovering!

2008.01.10, 09:18 PM
Cool helicopter where did you get it?

2008.01.11, 11:09 AM
My dad got it from Heli-Direct, and it's actually his he just let's me fly it. We share a lot of the helicopters.

2008.01.11, 04:40 PM
Thats sweet! Do you know what model Walkera it is so i can do a search/get one ordered?

Thanks, Chris

2008.01.17, 02:45 PM

try out the 5g6..there are 2 version available. the bubble one above and the one I mentioned