View Full Version : HFAY Motor Discount Code

2008.01.10, 09:54 AM
Hi Guys,

We are participating in the OLPS and I want to use the HFAY Motor. I tried to order it and apply the Coupon code: HFAYOLPS7 for the good price but it did not work. Has anyone used this code recently with success or know if it has changed?

I sent a note to the store via the web form on the shop site but have not received a reply yet.



2008.01.10, 10:24 AM
david was to have done something about this however he hasn't posted the info... i reminded him yesterday adn will email him again.

2008.01.10, 02:32 PM
sorry this is my fault. I have the new coupon code. I'll update the HFAY website with the new coupon code.

"HFAYOLPS8" is good thru 6/30/08.

edit: Website is updated. thanks for the reminder.

2008.01.10, 07:59 PM
Thanks, Guys. It worked and I got the motors ordered.