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2008.01.11, 10:35 PM
i just bought a mini z mr-01 and when ever i turn off the transmitter the car turns right and slightly applys throttle so it fried the fet??????? :confused:

2008.01.12, 12:16 AM
Unlike Xmods, Mini Z's need to be turned on after the transmitter is turned on, and turned off before you turn off the transmitter. It just goes into a failsafe mode by turning right and going slow forward looking for the signal. Not all Mini Z's have that failsafe mode as my MR02's don't do that. The MR01's the early board ones had that.

That is one neat thing about the Xmods, the Command Logic light set. On the Xmods you can turn off the transmitter and the lights go out. Turn it back on and "bing" you have the lights back on.