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2008.01.12, 03:51 PM
I did not know where to put this,but it looks like an Iwaver so I guess here's the best place for it.
I bought long Sun 02 from a popular auction site the other day and yesterday it arrived.I only bought it becuase it seemed cheap enough to take a chance on.
I'm actually fairly impressed with it.Seems to go all right.I think the steering is not quite working properly,seems like the servo saver spring is too soft.It
does not always achieve full lock and does not centre after a turn too well.I will take it apart soon to see if something is binding or whatever.
Controller has a screen on it,but the intructions are not very clear on the functions and I don't think they all work.It claims to keep a memory of settings for 10 cars,but I can only seem to program 1.It my be me though.I am in my mid 30's so prefer controllers a bit simpler,if you know what I mean.
Overall though it seems ok.I think with a bit of tinkering it may perform as well as my Kyosho mr02.Or maybe not.
It's not got the same feel to it as the Kyosho though,I suspect it's not as good as an iwaver either,even though it looks more like one than a mini z.I expect iwavers work better out of the box than this one did.
One thing I do really like about it,and I know it's only a small thing,is that it come supplied with the RM motor mount also.Why does the mini z ready set not come with this also?I am sue if it did,Kyosho would sell a lot more autoscale bodies.
Anyway,here it is.




I like it for the money.
Has anyone else bought a sun long?If so,whats your oppinion?


2008.01.12, 03:59 PM
As far as I know, I used to have a Long Sun 01. Was very good for the price, except the electronics were a little sluggish. Are you getting the same thing with your 02?

2008.01.13, 02:33 AM
Looks like a Firelap Nanoracer to me :D

2008.01.13, 05:15 AM
As far as I know, I used to have a Long Sun 01. Was very good for the price, except the electronics were a little sluggish. Are you getting the same thing with your 02?

Reading your post I have just noticed I put the name round the wrong way.You are correct,it is a Long Sun!
I am into rc tanks as well and one of the brands is Heng Long,I think thats why I was getting it wrong.Silly me.
As far as the electronics go I am not too sure.It seems to have a similar throttle response than my mini z.I supose the steering may be down to the electronics,even though after some use the steering seems a little better,like it's maybe freeing up a little.The servo saver spring is still very soft though.
The controller works well on the mini z,so no problems there.I'll post a pic of the controller later.


2008.01.13, 09:42 PM
The car that you are talking about is actually the clone of Firelap NanoRacer 2.0
Basically it is a clone, that provides no gurantee support from us.
It's good that you have not encounter any problem so far, but I have heard that many people mistake this product to be a Firelap and asked for support.
For any one reading this post, please do not mistake Long Sun's product to be a Firelap.
Also arch2b, if you are reading this, please move this post to the correct section. Since this is the iwaver forum.

2008.01.14, 07:03 AM
Thank you Fangel.
Sorry for putting it in the wrong forum.My mistake.
As for the car,I never really expected much from it for the price I paid,just an interesting comparison to my mini z.
Still seems a lot better than an xmod out of the box,for about half the cost.Interesting to see how long it lasts.


2008.01.14, 07:39 PM
It's really no big issue, just that I think the post should belong in the correct section.
I know that there is not a Long Sun forum out here, so no harms done.

It is true that Firelap or even clone of it "Long Sun" is better out of the box then X-mod, but it's no guarantee that the Long Sun will even move out of the box, but if it does then it should be. Since it is based on a proven design.

2008.01.15, 01:01 PM
I tried it last night with 2 other controllers,the Kyosho perfex one and a futaba one.
Strangely it's really sluggish in both speed and steering with these controllers.The kyosho controller sometimes does not even work with it.
However,all three controllers seem to control the mini z just as well as each other.
Don't quite understand what the difference is but it definately works quite well on it's own controller.


2008.01.15, 07:57 PM
hum...strange, never seen this problem before.
I'm guessing it is a "Long Sun" bugs, since it doesn't have the same electronics as the Firelap. With Firelap, you would not encounter any problem with Kyosho(KO Pro) prefex or Futaba. I just tried it this morning in the office.

2008.01.16, 12:27 AM
hmm... i guess it's one greater form of flattery... a clone of a clone... :D

2008.01.16, 07:47 PM
More or less if you ask me.
But we have put in a effort to try an improve on the product.
Lower of price, Advance TX, RM/MM parts, more small parts for fine tune.