View Full Version : Custom F1's decals landmine!

2008.01.13, 05:31 PM
You know - every now and then the Internet (www, I guess) sneaks up and explodes on you in this fabulous score of a find, and last night I managed to find one of these sites. It's like walking over a landmine of Mini-Z F1 goodness! (You can tell I'm just giddy over this!)

If you can speak German (Dutch?), which I cannot, you will likely get much more from it... however I still found it to be a major find for any F1 Mini-z fan. What I find just as fascinating is that this isn't even "new", just new to me. I have seen a few other sites showing custom F1's from Japan posted to this forum too, just not as simply laid out as this. Being too good not to share, here's a pair of their links - and even though it's just one website these were the pages that did the number on me:


And to wet your appetite, I'll attach a small number of their images to this post.

Since I don't speak German, I can't tell if they're actually selling the decal sheets, or whether they have picked them up from elsewhere. I'm curious whether someone who reads this can check it out and let me know! The hope being, of course, that a decal sheet shouldn't cost tooooooo much money, add shipping a letter internationally probably wouldn't cost much... so - how do we get a few??!



2008.01.13, 10:08 PM
bookmarked... :D thanks for the link... :D

2008.01.13, 11:43 PM
Holy cow! That last one with the Earth looked pretty sweet! I wonder how the heck he did that!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

2008.01.18, 08:46 AM
Some of those decal sets remind of the ones this guy in Australia sells


2008.01.26, 10:58 PM
So has anyone bought from the Australian site or the German site.

The Australian site has 1/24 scale stickers how off is it on our 1/27 Mini-z's.

2008.01.27, 08:15 PM
So has anyone bought from the Australian site or the German site.

The Australian site has 1/24 scale stickers how off is it on our 1/27 Mini-z's.

I haven't bought anything from the Autralian guy yet, but in the couple emails I've had with him - he seems decent...I'm planning on order a couple of sets - I do know his shipping to the USA is very cheap $2USD

I've used 24th scale decals on my 'z nascar and they were very close...a little big in some areas, but ok in others..

I was actually thinking about getting 1/32 decals for what i wanted:D

2008.01.28, 02:15 AM
I bought some from the austrailian guy...was just fine

November Rain
2008.01.28, 04:18 PM
I bought from the Austrailian guy and it was a smooth transaction and the product was well worth the price.

2008.01.30, 12:42 PM
Bought my Marlboro decals from an online shop based out of Hong Kong. . . forgot the website though. Wasn't an exact size match but it turned out decent.