View Full Version : Brushless Powered Lite?

2008.01.15, 09:15 PM
Hello there. I was examining the brushless motor and electronics on my Micro-T, and it look's like they will fit the Lite! I don't want to hack up the one I currently have, so would need to get another Lite. Any thoughts to this? The brushless motor for the Micro-T look's like it'll fit right in to the Lite's motor housing, a custom mount may need to be made for it. Also, a look inside the Lite may fit the Spektrum 3500 receiver and brushless controller.
I will take pictures of the two side by side to show you what I mean.
Question is, steering servo. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

2008.01.22, 12:13 PM
Nobody wish'es to add or comment?

2008.01.25, 02:34 PM
Brushless would be way to fast for an lit.It would probably flip every 2 seconds.

2008.01.31, 04:41 AM

Not too familiar with the lit setup and configuration, but from the experience of making a 2.4G AWD, it should not be that difficult to make a micro servo compatible to the Miniz servo setup. I'd suggest to check out two resources:

1) pchan0's 2.4G AWD on MA010 board
2) a thread about making a BET/AD band micro T (which tells you what should connect where on the BET board(lit AD band board).

Good luck!