View Full Version : Atomic West Coast Championship Set-Up Sheet

2008.01.16, 11:57 PM
Here's the set-up ;)

www.reflexracing.net/images/set-ups/Cristian Atomic Race Cali.pdf

2008.02.05, 06:32 AM
id like to know where the uk qualifiers were held for that race,seems a bit unfair that no one has heard of it:confused:but its in the writing/advertising on the reflex news pages.
id love to have a crack at racing with you guys too:(

2008.02.05, 01:45 PM
The race series is not over yet. That's why its written as "it's rumored". I would try to contact your atomic distributor and tell them you are interested in hosting an event...

2008.02.05, 02:17 PM
we tried a few times now,even atomic direct,they never got back to us:(
ill try again soon