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2008.01.17, 01:34 AM
just for reference.... :D
anybody is most welcome to post/add their mini-z related experiences pertaining to their set up regarding:
caster (usually cutting off the original top arms and installing a tower bars)
camber (usually changing stock knuckles to knuckles with built in camber)
thanks and hope this will help others... as well... :D


Caster Angle

Caster angle is the angle between an imaginary line connecting the top pivot ball and the bottom pivot ball of the steering block, with respect to a line perpendicular to the ground. Caster angle affects on- and off-power steering, as it will tilt the chassis more or less depending on how much caster is applied.

Less caster (more vertical) increases OFF-power steering INTO a corner, but decreases straight-line stability.
More caster (more laid-down) increases ON-power steering OUT OF a corner, and increases straight-line stability, but makes the car harder to turn in.

Driving Camber

This describes the angle the wheels ride relative to the ground when looked at from the front or back.

Negative camber means that the tire leans inward at the top.
Positive camber means that the tire leans outward at the top.

Camber affects the car's traction. In general, more negative camber means increased grip since the side-traction of the wheel increases. Never use positive camber, and never use more than 2.5-degrees negative camber.

NOTE: The amount of front camber required to maintain the maximum contact patch largely depends on the amount of caster. Higher degrees of caster require little or no camber, while lower degrees of caster require more negative camber



now in mini-z terms..... :D
you can attain caster and camber effects on your mini-z through the following hop up options:

as mentioned above, caster angle on the mini-z can be achieved by cutting the top arm and replacing it with a tower bar similar to the one below... what it basically does is to have the kingpin laid back (angled towards the rear of the car) instead of having the kingpin straight up/vertical... available in .5 and 1 degrees

adding camber to the mini-z is as easy as changing the stock knuckles to cambered knuckles (similar to the ones pictured below) this is attained by the manufacturers by setting the axles at a specific angle... cambered knuckles are available in different degrees .5, 1, 1.5, 2

hope this helps... :D

2008.03.27, 10:38 PM
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