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2008.01.17, 01:46 PM
I like to run sealed bearings as they are low maintenance, but lately I have noticed some are a little slower then I am used to and would like to make them runlike they did earlier.

I have cleaned open ones by agitating them in some isoprophyl alchohol, but I have not cleaned sealed bearings before other than wiping them with a little alchohol around the seals to get rid of carpet dust.

Is there a specific method to clean the sealed bearings, or is it fine for me to just drop them in some isoprophyl and call it a day?

Would just relubing sealed bearings be ok?

The metal seals don't look like they were meant to be opened and I would like some advice before I potentially ruin a set of bearings lol.

Thanks in advance.


Red Team
2008.01.17, 02:02 PM
I've been told to clean them in the same alcohol and then to dry them as much as I can using some warm air to help, after that to dip it in oil and leave them for a night, get rid of the excess oil and put them back. I tried so far just the alcohol part, not knowing what oil to use. Hope somebody will tell us if it's correct :)

2008.01.17, 10:03 PM
use non-cholorinated brake cleaner to clean them. Let them dry and then apply lube (motor bushing oil is okay)