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2008.01.19, 08:45 AM
Here some teasers before the toy fair :)




They are not ready yet but definately promising.

Davey G
2008.01.19, 08:48 AM
Sign me up!

2008.01.19, 09:48 AM
i'll take 2 of the slr!!! just awsome!

silly request...would it be possible to get a Sixth generation (1996-2000) hatchback civic? i even had limited run lexan copies of 1/24 model kit made years ago but they are all gone:(

back on topic, love the new bodies! one of the things that i think really limits braod appeal of open class chassis is the lemans style bodies that you always find with them. don't get me wrong, there nice but i'm part of the average drive club who wants road cars.

2008.01.19, 11:03 AM
very nice wolf,the toy fair is looking very promising:D

2008.01.19, 12:08 PM
Those are really nice! Like arch said, its nice to see other bodies in lexan other than pan car bodies. If your looking for another body for suggestion, I'd say a SRT-4:p

2008.01.19, 12:57 PM
Very cool, Wolf, doesn't look like you sacrificed any of the original AutoScale detail either. :)

2008.01.19, 07:15 PM
The more bodies the better!!;):D

2008.01.19, 07:31 PM
So are those the same size as the AutoScale bodies? I can see a few of my shelf queen chassis with a clear body on it. That way, you can see the chassis, and still have the body on it! Just need more car choices though! Diablo and Murcielago please!

2008.01.19, 07:50 PM
Actually, Wolf, how about a narrow pan car body? Having downforce is great but sometimes the wide offsets of pan cars diminish their agility.

2008.01.20, 02:20 AM
love 'em!:D Nice work.
Q: What would be the best way to paint these puppies?

2008.01.22, 06:00 AM
tamyia lexan paint from the inside:)

2008.01.22, 07:17 AM
Fantastic - I'll be having some of these :)

Will you have window masks? and lighting decals?

Red Team
2008.01.22, 08:29 AM
These bodies will have the same width as Hurda ?

2008.01.23, 06:59 AM
We plan to have window masks. Decals for the lightining should be included but I'm not sure what will be the final decal set for this cars. May be we can include some sponsors also.

These bodies has the original offset with their corresponding autoscale version. I guess we'll change the offset of mclaren though.

Personally I don't believe in the aerodynamics of the bodies too much in this scale. We use Hurda with +1 offset and has a response which is almost above the human abilities and we decrease the DR almost 50%. That's why we focus more on offset settings on the car than the body wideness.

Honda (or accura) is also very popular in our country but personally I'd prefer a CRX body for myself :) We are racing people and family cars are not in scope at the moment :)

A SUV would be something insulting to our lovely racing car :) Just kidding. Infact if we can enough volume of demand from MR02 owner those types could be in scope also.

2008.01.23, 02:27 PM
Wolf, good job on these. Varieties of lexan bodies will be hugely popular, no doubt. However the SRT-4 isn't the SUV - it's the Chrysler Neon based High Performance Saloon :D (Same as Pinoyboy's avatar - which you can't currently see!)


2008.01.23, 02:35 PM
this honda civic hatchback i'm referring to is the same as the honda ek-9 that appears in initial d. being a hatchback, it's not a family car.

2008.01.24, 02:53 AM
Then I apoligize both from arch2b and pinoyboy.

Sorry for misunderstanding.

2008.01.24, 08:34 AM
Then I apoligize both from arch2b and pinoyboy.

Sorry for misunderstanding.

lol, no need to apologize, I actually thought you were just giving me a real hard time:p I actually wasn't clear on which srt-4 I was talking about, so maybe you thought I was talking about the new one
I'll agree that the new one is like an SUV:p

Anyways, back on topic, can't wait to pick one of these new bodies up:D

2008.01.31, 05:20 PM
Only days left to the fair and still new products coming up.


Hurda will be updated very shortly.
New verion will have rounder lines not only for appereance but also to improve durability.
Also detail level will be higher in Hurda V2