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2002.05.12, 10:23 PM
Dude!! I love it!!! Definately a plus with the keyword search, but most of all, I totally dig the thumbnail pics next to each item!!!!

Rock on, a TON better!!!!

2002.05.13, 11:07 PM
Thanks! :D :D :D And like I said, if there are any other ideas people have to make it any easier to use or more efficient, please let us know, and we'll implement it.

2002.05.14, 01:07 AM
Better and better :D

Itīs much more fun to browse with some pics...

Like it Alot!!!!:D

2002.05.14, 07:20 AM
How about sending free parts to me? That would make the shop much better :D

2002.05.15, 07:43 PM
Rick, great idea, we'll work on that right away! So far I've been having trouble getting PHP to output the parts from the server, but as soon as that's working, I'll set it up to send them to you automatically! :p :rolleyes: :D

2002.05.16, 12:30 PM
What about that? Ex. wheels, does it work with AMG, NSX,Ferrari or Touring setup.

2002.05.17, 03:48 PM
Good idea, kind of like a compatibility matrix?

2002.05.17, 06:48 PM
With relevant facts for a smoth tour in the shop.
I don't personaly use to buy so much from those that don't have the facts thats relevant to the hop-ups I'm looking for.
Other way around, if a shop gives the relevant facts of the parts I'm looking in to, then their are almost garanted to sell. :D

2002.05.19, 10:54 PM
Just Added: Browse by Brand