View Full Version : Gallery not visible?

2008.01.20, 09:04 PM
since the vb upgrade, has anyone lese noticed the gallery is not coming up? or is this just for me?

2008.01.20, 09:47 PM
since the vb upgrade, has anyone lese noticed the gallery is not coming up? or is this just for me?

does not come up for me either:confused:

2008.01.20, 10:25 PM
Can't see it either.

2008.01.21, 07:25 PM
Same here, I click on gallery and get a blank white page. Nothing, zip, ziltch, all the above. Trying to post video's and arch told me I should be able to post video's in the gallery. Did they forgot to include the gallery when they updated? Or are they still updating?

2008.01.21, 07:42 PM
Mini-Z was still working on issues however i was not aware the gallery would be effected so it came as bit of a suprise to me and wanted to confirm it was not just me:o

2008.01.21, 10:58 PM
I've also notice that the Avatars are slow to load...

2008.01.22, 05:45 AM
Gallery isn't working for me here. And my avatar I tryed to upload a simple gif image at 80x 80 like it reads, but I get a database error. The animated ones are out, I figured out that much.

2008.01.22, 02:51 PM
mine is animated, I have notice that is sometimes comes up, but most of the time all of them don't

2008.01.22, 03:48 PM
I'm still getting a blank white window for the gallery, always. I just figured since everyones avatars are blank it would be fixed as mini-z gets things ironed out.

2008.01.22, 09:49 PM
It's blank for me also.

I have some pics of the 64pich gears i want to post

2008.01.23, 09:23 PM
Gallery still does not come up. What's going on? Did they delete it by accident some how? We want our gallery back! And an option for posting videos!

2008.01.24, 02:43 AM
I too can't see the gallery and simply get links in the place of peoples avatars that read, "user name's avatar".

(Obviously, replace user name with the respective user. :p )

2008.01.26, 06:04 PM
Me too.
No gallery and no avatars visible.
Strange it looks as if for some the avatars are slow to load,where as for others they do not appear at all.

2008.01.26, 06:50 PM
not sure whats with the avatars, some are there, some are not and then again, not always the same.

gallery is still there, nothing lost, just not visible. it's being resolved asap.

2008.02.09, 11:53 AM
Is it just me or is the gallery not working,still?

2008.02.09, 07:22 PM
still not working:( i'm bugging him daily about it though;)

2008.02.18, 07:54 PM
I can C it:eek::):D

2008.02.18, 08:11 PM
Me too!!:eek:

2008.02.19, 10:11 AM
there are some small tweaks to the updated gallery. please let us know if you experience any difficulties with it.:)

2008.02.19, 10:38 AM
Cool, you are the man. I don't even have to update my signature link.

2008.02.19, 10:42 AM
thank mini-z;) he did the work. i just do the posting in this case:p

2008.02.19, 01:48 PM

2008.02.19, 03:28 PM
Sweet, Great Job D.

2008.02.19, 03:53 PM
Excellent!!! :D You don't realize how many times you check the gallery or want to add something until it isn't available. ;)

Thanks mini-z. :)