View Full Version : Duratrax batteries 750 mah not bad!

2008.01.21, 09:35 PM
Well, I normally am not a fan of duratrax, but everynow and then, I do make exceptions. I've been thinking of getting the intellipeak thru ************, when I found that they actually sell Duratrax AAA 750 Mah. For $3.99, they actually pack a good punch! In my opinion, good enough for racing, excellent for practice.

May wanna get yours now, because in March, they'll raise the price to $5.98.

I scored and got it for $2.87 for a set. ! : ) Last minute lucky strike. Sale is over, unfortunately.

2008.01.21, 09:50 PM
ive had a set for about a month now, and they were great.

one has since oxidized and now i only have 3.


2008.01.21, 10:29 PM
Maybe it got overcharged? I've been using mine for at least 10 runs, and it's getting better by the charge. I normally run the Team Orion 900s however.

2008.01.22, 12:13 AM
it may possibly have overcharged. i really enjoyed the batteries.

i currently use the Team orion 900s on my F1, MA01 and my MR01

i really really really like those batteries.

2008.01.22, 09:28 AM
The Orions are great! Let's see the Team Scream...might be better.

2008.01.22, 09:49 AM
I think the duratrax batteries might actually be re-packaged intellects. This I think is the case with their 2/3A battery as well. Yet to test the AAA's but when I raced 1/18 offroad I know their 2/3 cell was as fast, had identical capacity and voltage as the Intellect 1400 and 1200.

2008.01.22, 07:34 PM
If duratrax aaa batteries are repackage intellects then I'm definately not buying them. I had 2 sets of intellects vent on me within 6 runs.

2008.01.22, 07:38 PM
Wow! If that's the case, then that's awesome! I'm going to test it out tonight to see how much run time I get. For some reason, I tend to use the T.O. a lot. Unfortunately, I'm addicted to seeing my mini-Z just fly by the straight away, then full throttle to power slide on the sweeper. :D

2008.01.22, 10:00 PM
it may possibly have overcharged. i really enjoyed the batteries.

i currently use the Team orion 900s on my F1, MA01 and my MR01

i really really really like those batteries.
do you have a link to these? I have 700 and love them...

2008.01.22, 10:02 PM
The shop here sells the Team Orion 900s

2008.01.23, 12:23 PM
Mich, do you mean the 900's or the 750's?

If the 750's p.m. me

2008.01.23, 12:36 PM
Mich, do you mean the 900's or the 750's?

If the 750's p.m. meThanks, but i meant 900. Went shopping :)

2008.01.23, 03:07 PM
No prob. Just wanted to clarify. 900s rock!

2008.01.23, 03:57 PM
No prob. Just wanted to clarify. 900s rock!
is that true that they can't be charged in the enrgizer 15 min. charger? I did that with my 700 without problems

2008.01.23, 05:02 PM
So far, yes. We tried it on DJKyosho's 15min. Dur. Charger, and it didn't light up.

2008.01.23, 06:29 PM
So far, yes. We tried it on DJKyosho's 15min. Dur. Charger, and it didn't light up.Duh... guess i'll have to stick with Sanyos for now...

2008.01.24, 12:23 AM
Works well with 1/10th chargers like Triton and Intellipeak Ice. The Fuji Cells are not bad as well...good for practice runs. Must cycle them first though.

2008.01.30, 04:59 PM
My conclusion re: Duratrax batts:

1. Won't leak if charged below 1 amp for the first few charges.
2. Output is closest to Team Orion 900s...very punchy. Very similar to intellects.
3. Short run time at first, but the more you use it, the longer it gets.
4. After a few charges, gradually increased amperage to 1.2...so far, no problem. All power.

I'm happy with them.

Yasuji did pop one, with a charging rate of 1.2, I believe. I think the batts need to first break-in, before it can take a beating. More like conditioning.

DJ Kyosho
2008.01.30, 06:43 PM
Tried them for the 1st time last night and I did feel the difference from the Sanyo 1000s and eneloops. Just want to add that it works in the duracell 30 minute charger. I probably charged them about 4 times last night. So far so good.

2008.02.10, 02:13 AM
Ive been running a few sets of the Duratrax 750's for a few weeks. 4 out of the 6 sets I have are zapped. Really pack a punch. I got mine at my local track, and am considering getting more... while the price is cheap, so I can break them in properly. These cells are good, but abused, they wont last very long.

They were about $6 at my local track, and my Sanyo 800's werent running competetively anymore. So I bought 2 sets of the Duratrax. Liked them, then got 3 more and dumped my sanyos in a bag. I felt no disadvantage powerwise running against cars with Intellect or even the Orion 900s. I wouldnt be surprised if these are re-badged Intellects by the punch they have, although I dont feel that they are. Intellects tend to drain when stored much faster than these do.

I havent tested my discharge capacity lately, but after the first week I was getting about 500-600mah out of them. Which is surprisingly low (although I dont know how long they were sitting on the shelf of my local track before I got them). The Intellects were flying off the shelves, and nobody was getting these. I am going to analyze a set in my Maha MH-C9000 and see what discharge capacities I get out of it. I try to use one set of cells no more than 3 times a night. My Team Screams, I use once a night (discharge -> charge -> race mains -> pack up).

I mainly use the Duracell 30 minute charger for my cells, also have the Maha MH-C9000 and Energizer 15 minute. I use them in all 3 without problems. I only use the zapped cells in the 15 minute charger. The Duracell 30 minute charger charges at 1.7A for AAA cells, and the Energizer 15 minute at 2.8A. Both do not fully charge the cells in the fast charge rate, but have a top off (high trickle, followed by a low trickle) to reach full charge. This is why cells that come out of these fast smart chargers will usually be lower than capacity when the light goes out, since they are not really finished done charging. The actual full charge time would be somewhere around an hour and a half to two hours. This is one reason why many racers using these chargers choose to use higher MAH cells than they really need if they were to use a slower charger.

I usually charge up with the Duracells and Maha (which also has the top off feature), until they finish. Then pull the batteries. A couple minutes before the run, I charge again with the Energizer to top them off and they come out nice and punchy. When I charge in my Maha, I usually charge at 1A.

I am thinking of picking up a Lacrosse BC-900 to replace the Energizer charger. 2.8A is way too high of a charge rate for these cells, especially if they are not being fully charged in that time... Most of the cells that I use in that charger, develop a round negative terminal...

I guess I abuse my cells more than I should, but with the Duratrax cells this cheap, I guess I can afford to. My Team Scream cells will never meet the Energizer charger, and rarely the Duracell 30 minute charger.

2008.02.25, 01:19 PM
just an FYI for anyone that might be interested, we are going to start a battery matching & zapping service sometime this week.

we are working on matching a big range of batteries including orions ,sanyo's 1000,900 & 700's other brand will also be added as we go.

we are also open to any other brands that you guys might be interested in having us match.

we are doing this service with goal of having the most affordable battery matching service available to the public.

we are currently matching sanyo 900's at this time & others as soon as we get them from the manufacturers.

2008.02.26, 01:15 AM
R1wurks, this may sound like a joke to you, but i'm serious. Would you be interested in having me use your matched batteries to set a world record? I just finished my 50 mile per hour Pro-Z and am in need of matched batteries.

2008.02.28, 01:08 AM
my pleasure Sir! ill call you as soon as im done doing a few hundreds.

2008.06.08, 06:20 PM
i actually matched this cells for Nomotorlimit & found about 20% of bad cells. just FYI for anyone looking into this batteries.

2008.06.09, 01:58 AM
I had a similar percentage of bad cells out of about 10 packs. Although, they are cheap enough that it didnt bother me. As long as you have the right equipment to break them in and view the discharge capacity, these are still good cells and are amongst the top for short races or low current motors (stock motors or 70t PN).