View Full Version : New Individual Discharger for AAA

2008.01.22, 05:20 AM
So close to the fair and new products keep coming.

Click on the picture for more detailed info

http://www.tgr.com.tr/images/tgr/news/702002.gif (http://www.tgr.com.tr)

PS: This is still a protoboard. Actual board will have better quality of prints.

2008.01.22, 05:34 AM
mmmmmmm buttons:p
adjustable discharge and cutoff rates,very nice:cool:

2008.03.03, 02:30 AM
for the pack of cells used in the sinister,

what is the benefit of using this discharger compared to the normal dicharge function in my charger?

2008.03.03, 08:05 AM
In the one of your charger you just discharge your cells together, in this one you discharge and equalize the cells "one by one" to the same level.
I think is something like this...