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2008.01.23, 04:37 AM

I have been looking at too many different modified Mini-z class chassies and your looks OK.
However I am still hoping that someone will make it possible to switch batteries like in a Mini-z F1 that is through a accesshole in the bottom of the car.

would it be possible to cut a big rectangular hole in the chassie and mount a cut-down F1 main body part (part nr: MF01) and use it as battery holder??
This would simplify things alot!

/Johnny, former PRO-27 owner

2008.01.23, 06:49 AM
Thanks for your comments.

Your suggestion was an idea while the design phase. However we couldn't achieved that because of
1- Too narrow space to move in MM configuration
2- Main focus was low CG and we didn't want to raise battery

However we are working on alternatives to make battery change easier.
Please check the car on hte following link, which has no upper deck at all and battery change happens in few seconds


We hope to finalise this design soon

2008.01.24, 01:22 AM
Looking forward to that!

I have purchased a used sinister and are now looking into getting all the updates mounted onto the chassies. It is missing the new type knuckles and the friction damper.

My hope is that it is possible to mount the updated products onto my sinister when I get it.

Again thanks!