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2008.01.24, 03:05 AM
hi folks... another noobie question coming up...

i was wondering if anybody could shed some light on orion's new battery... packaging said 1.25v on it...

i don't remember seeing any 1.25v rechargables.... as most i believe are 1.2v...

is there really any difference from the extra .5v compared to the other 1.2v battery?

thanks for any replies... :D

2008.01.24, 04:06 PM
This is just marketing. Don't worry about it.

2008.01.24, 10:08 PM
ah.. finally an answer... :D

many thanks master cristian for helping out a noob...

may your bearings spin many rpm's almost frictionlessly and your batteries last you 100,000 chargings... :D

2008.01.25, 01:39 AM
you mean, extra .05 volts, making 4 cells 5.0v instead of 4.8v (theoretically).
And yes, I believe these cells do make a difference. Everyone where I run seems to think so too :D at least on the 900HVs

2008.01.25, 06:07 AM
If the case was that the batteries actually have .05 more volts/cell this does make a difference. I think that Herman's question is more so related to the different labels in Japan v. US on the Orion cells.

The 1.25 is a nominal voltage. It is not an exact number but an approximation of the average voltage of the discharge of the cell. Herman's question refers to the different labeling there is on the Orion cells in the Japanese market vs US. The difference is probably that the US battery is tested at a .5a discharge in order to get close to a 1.25v average and 900mah (and my guess is probably 1.21v avg and 875mah) on a discharge and the Japanese is probably tested at 2-3 amps, which in turn will yield 1.16 volts (round up to 1.2) and 725 mah (round down to 700).

As Tim mentioned before 2 different markets looking for 2 different things. The US wants to see big numbers so they can THINK the product is vastly superior than before. Japan wants real numbers so they can KNOW the product is a little bit better than before...

2008.01.25, 10:59 AM
Herman, try both and let us know the results! :)

2008.01.27, 10:56 PM
thanks for your replies...

well actually i think i've been able to confuse myself just now... :D

anyway... i was wondering in general terms, not just only orion batteries... but other batteries... (if there are any other batteries marked 1.25v)

since orion is the only battery marked 1.25v (that i know of, that is)... i was wondering if indeed the battery actually stores 1.25v... and was wondering if there would be a distinct advantage...

wish i could test them out... for one i have no access at the moment to the batteries... and well my opinions would be more of feeling.... like they feel punchier... (i don't have a high tech charger or other equipment that can give details on batteries and such)

i think master cristian would be in a better position to give us an opinion (a respected one at that), since i'm an utter newbie when it comes to battery info and stuff... :D

thanks again...

2008.01.28, 03:47 AM
PLEASE ignore the voltage number. It is entirely unrelated to the actual performance of the battery. IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU AN ACCURATE DEPICTION OF A DISCHARGE AT A LOAD. They simply label them as what the nominal voltage would be. Why do they do this you ask? MARKETING. Nothing else. I am yet to see any AAA battery that will average 1.2 volts over a discharge cycle. Would .05 volts make a difference. Certainly. But in this case it is not an actual tested battery with a specific discharge test at a load. It is simply a manufacturer labeling it this way because they feel like it. Again, this is a Nominal number, or in layman's terms a "reference."

Go into the Team Scream battery forum and see the numbers on the batteries that John Cravotta has come up with. Voltages get up to about 1.16 on AVERAGE. Average means the voltage over the discharge cycle of when the battery is fully charged (around 1.5volts) to the point where it is cut-off, which is usually 0.9volts.

Am I saying the Orion batteries are not better than the other cells? Or that they don't have a higher voltage? Certainly not. I am just saying that you guys are obsessing over a number that is entirely not important. It is the equivalent of testing, discharging or cycling a battery on a Lacrosse or Maha and thinking that you are getting something done. Honestly, you aren't. This is due to the low discharge current that these chargers use to bring the voltage down on each cell. The only thing those chargers are good for is charging, all their other features are useless for our application.

You should discharge at the rate they get discharged on the track, not at a 1/5 or 1/6 of what is going on inside the car. That is a whole different story though.

2008.01.28, 09:21 AM
thanks cristian... :D
so what are the details or things that we should look for in a 'performance' battery?

thanks again for your time... will kick my butt over to team scream battery forum now... :D

2008.01.28, 03:51 PM
You need a good battery analyzer to be able to tell which is better specifically. You are looking for voltage- REAL, not Nominal. Which is how fast (top speed the car will have) runtime- or the mah (milliamp hours) to tell how long you will go (real again, not what is nominal, batteries are usually about 100 mah less than advertised, because manuf. round up) and internal resistance (IR) this is how well the battery can handle a discharge at load. Think of the size of the tip of a funnel, the lower the IR, the bigger the tip, and the more "water" (current in this case) that flow through that tip.

Or you can simply do what I do and run them in your car. That way you can feel the difference between the different kinds. I honestly don't worry about battery numbers. I doubt they will ever make a big difference in modified, and that is what I race.

2008.01.28, 09:23 PM
big thanks & muchos gracias again cristian... :D

2008.01.29, 12:34 PM
Will there be any difference?

2wd stock with Orion batteries = definitely (it'll feel like you've fet'd your car)
2wd mod with Orion batteries = you probably won't even notice the difference because you can't even use all that power
4wd stock w/ Orions = maybe?
4wd mod w/ orions = yes

This is what I have experience on my test and tune the past few weeks. Never really look at the mah nor the volts. Just go by the feel and the numbers on the clock...

Herman; I would stick with a few sets of tenergy batts since you're not racing yet. Use these batts for practice. They're cheap $4/set (4 pcs.). Get a Lacrosse charger ($39.99 shipped) and a seperate discharger (atm $20 or PN $30). I never discharge my batts on my chargers just like Christian mentioned.

Here's some of batts I have tested within 4 mos. I only charge my battery set once a day then discharge for the next day.

1000 mah Sanyo's only good for 2 mos. after that, the punch was gone. (total of 148 hours of runtime)
900 mah Sanyo's good for 3 mos (total of 179 hours of runtime)
1000 mah Tenergy's I bought it 2 mos ago and the punch/runtime still feels the same from the time I bought it brand new.
Orion 900's really punchy battery set! I bought this 3 weeks ago and have only charged it twice. I only use this for racing. I'll keep you updated.