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2008.01.24, 07:42 PM
I own a MAHA MH-C9000 Wizard One battery charger and I love it. It can charge, discharge, analyze, form, and do pretty-much everything I want with the exception of give me a cell's Internal Resistance (Which I think is very important). Luckily some guys here who have Pro-level RC chargers like the GFX Turbo 35 have posted the IR of some cells. But with the introduction of Team Scream's new matched AAA's I am wondering if my MAHA MHC-9000 is enough to take the very best care of my best AAA's like my Team Orion 900 cells and some of the expensive matched cells that I hope to acquire pretty soon? The thing I like about the MAHA (And the Lacrosse BC-900, although I don't own a BC-900) is that I can charge/discharge/analyze 4 AAA-cells individually. With Pro RC Chargers like DuraTrax's ICE and Team Checkpoint's TC1030 for example I usually see racers charging 4-AAA cells in series, not individually. I know that the ICE and the TC1030 can charge 1 AAA-cell at a time, but then you'd need 4 chargers to charge a complete set all at once, right?
I am kinda interested in getting a Pro RC Charger that can measure IR or Actual-IR (I don't know which is better) but I don't know what chargers are the best for someone like me who only races Mini-Z. The ICE and the TC1030 look good but I don't know much about them - Or if I really do need one? I could just buy another MAHA MHC-9000 and have 2 of them to bring to races. Is a PRO RC Charger worth buying over another MHC-9000? And if so, which one(s) is the best/most popular on the Mini-Z racing scene? (And does it measure Internal Resistance?)
Thank you for your help! :D

2008.02.09, 08:37 AM
I don't have an answer to your question although I do own a Lacrosse for Mini Z racing, and a CE Turbo 35 and a Pit Bull which I used in 10th scale touring car. The Lacrosse is a great charger, although it doesn't give you IR or peak volts. I have used my Pit Bull for charging my AAA cells, but as you noted 4 cells in series. I have been considering using my Turbo 35 to cycle my "packs" but was wondering what charge and discharge rates won't damage these little cells. My sub c's were done at 6A charge and 35A discharge.
Though time consuming since you can only do one cell at a time, cells could be matched. Any one with experience?

2008.02.09, 06:57 PM
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2008.05.12, 03:41 PM
The wizard one is the best charger for our purpose. I wish I could charge my 1/10th scale cells individualy as this would be the best way to keep matched cells matched.

The only way to check IR is to cycle each cell on an Ice or like charger. That's time consuming and why matched packs are so expensive. A turbo-matcher can do multiple cells at one time but thats in the $800 rage.

2008.05.19, 07:16 AM
Does the Pitbull X3 take IR measurements? I couldn't find anything that says it can or can't, but then again I couldn't find any specs on the ICE that says it measures IR, even though I know it does. I'm on the lookout for a high end charger for my MRCG packs, and any help would be great...

2008.06.08, 05:44 PM
as far as i know ,you cant get IR from pitbull.