View Full Version : Your longest lasting body?(post pics)

2008.01.25, 10:56 PM
Mine is the Orange Mclaren F1 LM.

The Mclaren has long been my favorite car and the day that Kyosho started making them I was well...:eek::eek::D

I bought my first Orange Mclaren from Ebay The following are pics and video of the same body I've been running for the past three years. It has been on every chassis I've ran be it mod or stock 1x1 or 3x3.


Those Squares are so pretty. I almost don't want to really run them. They run so true though.


2008.01.25, 11:35 PM
I would say mclarens to. I have a couple tha ive run for a long time and are holding up well.;)

2008.01.26, 01:03 AM
Mclaren all the way. Last week decided to retire the painted white body that I have since they were first out: it developed too much freedom at the rear body clips). Probably will keep using it on AWD though.

2008.01.26, 05:39 AM
I've been running the same Orange Mclaren and I just don't want to replace it! The pics are in order from new to old.

I wonder if I can just wet sand the front, repaint the black details and re clear it?


2008.01.26, 09:01 AM
I've been running the same Orange Mclaren and I just don't want to replace it! The pics are in order from new to old.

I wonder if I can just wet sand the front, repaint the black details and re clear it?

Yes you can. if there are deep scuffs you might need to use some model putty.

2008.01.27, 10:15 AM
My longest running bodies are a F50 and the NSX.

EDIT: Oops forgot pics :D



2008.01.27, 10:20 AM
i've run the 360 gtc longer than anything else. i don't have one in particular but a bin with several battered bodies:p

2008.01.27, 12:33 PM
My longest running body that is still drivable is a Mercedes Mclaren SLR body (Silver) I've had it for over 2 years and it's still on my MM Chassis. it's doesn't get as much running as it use to but its still running.

the best thing about it is, it was the body that I started with so, that was back when I was hitting everyone and everything on the track. it was also the body that I have run with 12 or more people on a track at the same time. here are a few shots at different schemes as it's life progressed.


First Decal Scheme

Current Condition

2008.01.27, 01:00 PM
I've tried other bodies but just always go back to the Mclaren. It's tried and true for me. I'm so used to how it runs and the setup that I just don't want to go to another body.

@arch2b-the enduro car will be my first concentration on another chassis in a while ;).

Great pics guys keep'em coming!!!


2008.01.28, 12:54 AM
Mine would be my mustang a couple of months and strong for the future

2008.01.28, 12:56 AM
I still have my original Yellow Enzo. This body was run hard years ago... then was run for modified for a while. And has stayed in my pit bag just in case it needed to be used. I have leant it out on numerous occasions, and it still holds up.

The next body would be my Green/white McLaren. I love that body, but I havent given it much use. I just dont really like the McLaren too much. for racing. I havent had good results, prefer the SLR.

Then a Green/silver Team Magic/EMU f360. That body has had alot of use, and still runs strong. i replaced it with an F430, but the 430 cracked last race night, so it is retired, and 360 back in the spotlight :P

The body with the most use, would probably be my white SLR. I never got around to painting it, but I detailed it with a sharpie. I went through 2 autoscales before I went to the white body. I must have had that body since 2005. I ran it on my AWD for at least a year, and finally switched it back to an MR02 a couple weeks ago. I almost thought about retiring it... but I just cant.

Then would be the Corvette white body. I took some time off from that body, but it recently found its way back on my A main runner. I am going to try the SC430 next race.

I will try to get pics up when I get a chance. Each of these bodies has at least 2 years of use, a couple have over 3 (Enzo, McLaren, f360).

2008.01.28, 01:08 AM
here are the pics. Sorry for a camera shake, light was low and i didn't feel like setting up a tripod. 2 yo mclaren. Third paint job. Retired last week :(

2008.01.28, 08:52 AM
I am still running both a Vett and a Skyline JGTR That I raced in 2004 I will have to have hrdrvr make photos

2008.03.01, 03:56 PM
I've only been in the hobby just over a year, but i'd say my favs are my yellow McLaren F1 (iWaver)
My white Enzo (Kyosho).
But the 'Top Dog' would have to be my Limited Edition Black Murcielago, and i reckon that will be my favourite for a loonngg time to come...

2008.03.02, 07:24 AM
Ferrari Enzo
The Enzo body is SO tough!! I've broke a few of the bodies I've ran in one way or another - but the Enzo has just held it so well! I'm running an FFX Enzo now. Just as nice!!

I also ran a 360GTC for ages too - but that broke.

luke hall
2010.03.15, 04:08 AM
that Mercedes Mclaren SLR body is really long and airodynamic like the real thing and looks amazing. nice pictures briankstan