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2008.01.27, 10:41 AM
Does anyone have any set-up's they can recommend for hardwood floors?
The car just spins out uncontrolable and tried turning down the throttle but still does not work.

Davey G
2008.01.27, 11:07 AM
The only thing that you can really do is to mop the floors with appropriate cleaner, thats really about it. If there is absolutly NO dust it actually is quite fun and REALLY fast.

2008.01.27, 11:22 AM
What tires are you using? Perhaps softer tires, along with softer springs/t-plate all around?

2008.01.27, 12:17 PM
I sometimes blast around the house on laminate flooring.
Soft tyres and a clean floor improve grip a lot,still a challenge though.
Good fun.

2008.01.27, 05:30 PM
Silicone-compound tires. The Atomic grooved tires that I got from a friend aren't great on RCP but are an absolute blast on hardwood. Even after they get dusty there's still a lot of grip, which was surprising because my floor is waxed.

It's quite fun and fast actually, so if you have a ranch-style house with a big living room covered in hardwood... :D

2008.01.27, 11:51 PM
Yeah, I was gonna say what Color said really - you wanna get something really really soft.

Perhaps Atomic A.W grooves - 10* all around.

2008.01.29, 06:06 PM
Before I started racing on the RCP track. I use to mess around on a slippery surface (garage cement floor). What I had to do to get the car to go straight under full throttle without spin outs was to add weight in the back of my 02. The best set-up for me was;

-Stock ready set tires then slice/cut/make grooves on the rear with a blade.
-Run High Mount (HM) then place a fishing weight on the rear lower bumper inside. About the weight of a triple A batts.
-Cut the front limiter/collar
-polish the kingpins
-run loose ball diff
-ball bearing all around
-motors: stock kyosho/x-speed/xmod1/xmod2 you don't need those neo magnets because it lock up the diff everytime you try to slow down coming in the turn.
-duracells or batts with no punch is better
-stock shock is OK

Although most of the racers would think it's kinda whack driving around the slippery surface... this taught me how to go easy on the throttle or else the rear will spin out. Very challenging track.


If you want performance, RCP!

Good luck and have fun!

2008.01.29, 07:48 PM
I should try that driving style :D Is that you you dominated at the ATM cup? -Mike

2008.01.30, 12:17 PM
it was the car Mike... It drove its own ;-)! I still mess around on the dock till this day with a different car that I built just for this track and play around with my friends but I get clowned on when they pass me on this track, bastards :)!


2008.07.31, 09:48 PM
Another trick with hardwood floor is to spray sugar water on it, or at least on the turns. I've mentioned this before in other threads, my brother and I used to race in his garage and he sprayed the corners of the track with sugar water. The stock tires really gripped well and after a couple of good run's the sugar eventually rubbed off. You have to know the apex's of each turn and apply the spray there for really good run's, it was a lot of fun! But I much prefer my new RCP track!

2008.08.01, 03:44 AM
Another trick with hardwood floor is to spray sugar water on it, or at least on the turns.

I can hear the W/M/G (wife, mom, or girlfriend) giving you the busness for that one. Best done by those that live alone.

2008.08.03, 01:47 PM
LOL! Yea. I haven't done that at home yet, and now that I have my RCP track I dont' need to. It's just that this is what my brother and I did when we raced together in his garage in California. Save it for the garage, not the hardwood floor that your mom spent hours installing! LOL! :rolleyes: OOPS! :eek:

2008.08.04, 09:52 PM
Thank god you got your RCP track. Your mom would have to kill you for spraying sugar water on hardwood floor inside the house. Water and hardwood floor don't mix. Not to mention the ant problem. Nice collection of cars you have though.

2008.08.12, 10:33 AM
I wouldn't spray it on hardwood floor, but I was giving a suggestion for garage which is just as slippery.

2008.08.15, 03:02 AM
My experience with hardwood floors are, that anything but foams get very slippery when the floor has just a few days of dust on it (that is almost always the case in my living room :o).
I have been very happy with GRP's soft foams.

2008.08.19, 11:47 AM
foams, really? I'd thought foams would have even less grip on slippery floores!

2008.08.19, 12:44 PM
I laso have that problem. My floor is even waxed so my 02m is spinning when I hit the throttle. I have now the standard tires which came with my Gulf Mclaren body. So I was thinking on softer tires (foam 3,5shore on the rear).

2008.08.19, 02:31 PM
I have an older McLaren Body (orange) on my MR02, and 3,5shore Foams on the rear wheels work great on the waxed floor where I work. You have to put sticky tape under them, though (they are VERY soft).

Bye, Frido.

2008.08.20, 04:07 AM
Did you have to true them?

2008.08.20, 04:27 AM
No, i just put them on just like they came...

The manufacturer was "ThunderTyre", type RTM001. EMail me if you canīt find them anywhere else.

Bye, Frido.

2008.09.01, 03:21 PM
I don't know how they call this thing outside Brazil, but I made some LATEX tires, teatched by a friend who tested it. The right material is buy a cylindrical piece of latex (you can buy it in medical/cirurgical equipment storeīs here in Brazil). Here theese things are sell in a variety of diameters, and there is one that fits in the 2 cm diameter wheels of mini'z with some pushing (ok, i was a little joky on that... it needs a LOT OF PUSHING!!!).

All you have to do is buy some feets of this thing and cut it in the same wide of the tire.

It provides an excelent grip, usable even in waxed floors (since it's clean and you don't have a heavy finger... :D)

I'll try to post some pictures of it on this week!